The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy : Part 3


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All I can ask is, What if?

Gaia understood that struggle and conflict is at the core of the nature of life both within and among creatures. Central to this struggle would be the matter of power which was not easily shaped or yielded – especially by predators. But Gaia had a plan.

She did not want to give up on her experiment easily and so she reserved a population which might be needed if she had to start the experiment all over again. These people were called the Progenitors. Since the females were central to the continuation of humankind, she reserved cities in the sea where these women would live. If need be, from them could spring a new race. These cities were called Tethys and among the women were a few men to insure diversity and because they might be needed if the population was to be restored to the land. The people who lived in the Tethys and those who came to land to live were collectively known as Tethyans.

While the existence of the Tethys was not widely known, some of the residents of these cities were sighted from time to time. The legends about mermaids were born of those sightings. And, of course, as with all legends, they took many forms going well beyond the matter of what actually existed. But in other regards they never touched on the wonder of the reality. But one reality was essential. While in the sea Progenitors had partly fishlike bodies with tails and webbed fingers. The image we have of the mermaid is correct in many regards.

Andromeda Defense Force

Brigid Lynch
My editor called her the “flaming haired assassin-for-good”. Life seemed to hold a cruel fate for her after her mother’s suicide. The evil Overlord of the Irish estate where she had lived with her mother had her dumped on the street with no future at all. But she was taken under the care of people who were chosen to defend and direct humankind. Her pain was transformed into dedication as she came to head the crucial Andromeda defense force.

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