The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy: Part 5


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Another form of empowerment of women?

Because of the nature of the conflict, the Progenitors and Primals had to be prepared to defend themselves and their defense could not be passive. They knew, when it was essential, they had to be aggressive and unforgiving. If they were to prevail over the forces they were up against they might have to meet brutality with brutality. In that regard they had a sophisticated and well prepared warrior class. This class was composed of women.

In our world there is a mythology which referred to a warrior class of women as Amazons. The legend of the Amazons is, indeed, derived from this class of women warriors except today they are far more sophisticated and are integrated into our societies across the world. They stand to defend the Primals and Progenitors and all things which are sacred and essential in this movement to preserve and elevate humankind. These women are called Andromeda. The name relates to one meaning of the word which is “ruler of men”. They took their places among well tended societies but they were prepared to respond aggressively.
She came from a Primal family and was headed for an education at La Sorbonne in Paris. Her grandmother was an important figure in the environmental defense community and it seemed she might follow her into the future. That is, until her grandmother was murdered. The event changed her future dramatically and she was insistent that she would become a member of Andromeda. Her inclinations, in the end, led her deep into the spirit world.


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