Emerging Identities on the Cusp of Reality



It seems many parts of humankind are now emerging to full awareness. What do you feel is emerging in you?

And Then There is Reuben

The cast of characters in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy is rather large and I have posted about the main characters who hold important roles throughout the trilogy. The man Reuben deserves special mention.

These books had an odd origin. I can’t say I sat down one day and began to formulate a plan. The story and the characters appeared to have been developing for a long time (decades) and then one day came rushing out at me. And among them was Reuben.

His character is inspired by Tim Gunn who is a central person on the television show Project Runway. I could not find a way to really do justice to the real life person but had to bring him into the story in his own way.

In the story Reuben is a gay man who is a couture designer in Milan, Italy. But he has a multitude of talents. His designs extend to designing safe havens and places for the Tethyans as the crisis builds. Reuben has extraordinary commitment, elegance and élan as well as sensitivity. A very special man indeed.

Recognition of Diversity

In the end I had to ask myself why I thought it was so important to have this character in the series. What he does in itself is important but many types of people could have filled the role. And then it came to me. There is another movement beyond the empowerment of women in the world which has very special significance. We are recognizing more and more elements of human diversity and blending. Reuben represents our recognition of our diversity as we accept the LGBT community and gay marriage.

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