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For each of us who write, we have to ask, “why”? And “what”?
Is a blog reality, a fantasy or a life form? Does it manifest a spirit of its own? The answer takes some thinking. My answer is…all of the above. Remember the name of this blog.
While I have this blog broadly outlined, I’m finding it has a life of its own. And as such maybe it is also a separate reality. It keeps redirecting itself. And then maybe I need to underscore the thought about its life. This blog and the whole Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy feels to me as being a life forms of its own. Certainly I jump in and give some direction but in both instances it feels to me as if there is independent life. I’ll own those statements about reality and life as closely related to the core concept of this blog. Or maybe blogs manifest a fantasy. Just the idea of looking for a clear definition of this blog makes me laugh. The image I posted for this blog post might as well be me.

Have You Noted That My Concepts Aren’t set in Concrete?
This blog is also a thought document and it is not meant to convey fixed truths or talk about hard data. You are getting a major clue about my personality type. I’ll get back to personality types, and the gift Carl Jung gave us, later on.

Themes and This Blog
I have already posted some blogs on major themes such as cusp of reality, women rising (empowerment), mythology, stewardship among others. Now let me comment on something which is near and dear to my heart. Writing.

I have to admit I’m not perfectly clear why I write. It’s even hard to define what writing is. Communications? Self expression? Enhancing social relations? Furthering a cause? Clearly in some of its forms it is an art form of which there are many. In high fashion, designers enhance the magic which is woman and they simultaneously express themselves in their focus and direction. And clearly any art form includes exploration. Picasso evolved and so do most painters. And it seems so do writers which may give us a clue about the art of writing. And when I speak of writing as art, I don’t confine that perception to fiction. It is clear that even the most scholarly work may be an art form.

Granted writing fiction is very different from writing nonfiction. I’ve written nonfiction and had a system or a body of knowledge to convey. In Stepfamilies: Professionals and Stepcouples in Partnership I conveyed the body of information my wife and I gained when we remarried and in clinical experience helping stepfamilies (remarried families) in crisis. In Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health? I set down a fascinating experience giving service in core poverty in Baltimore. Incidentally, those many years ago I saw the seeds of the recent problems and disorders in Baltimore. And in Creating Characters and Plots I couldn’t resist using Carl Jung’s personality system to show how writers can use his system for their purposes. Each of these books had some form of body of information in it. They reflected real life explorations which were then organized. For more information see the links in NonFiction by Dr. Burt at the top of the home page of this blog.

We Are All Multifaceted
When I look at it, I think one major reason I write fiction is that it is a free form for exploration. Speculation is closely entwined. Often in nonfiction we see hard facts and procedures but in fiction we have the easy (or not so easy) capacity to tell an engaging story and to ask the “what if”. I won’t even try to give fiction a full exploration. It deserves books in its own right. But what you will see in this blog is that it is the speculation/exploration which is central in my endeavor.

What is it that you find most gratifying and intriguing in writing? The real world shows us that writing often does not yield a great success or great financial rewards. They would be very nice but the fact is most of us go ahead and write anyway. I hope you’ll share your thoughts and experiences. Help build our discussion by joining in.
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