Life as Sruggle



What are the opposing forces in your life? How many of them are within you?

Elements of Life

Once upon a time we thought humankind had been created and lived in a world of fantasy called Eden. At first it seemed a wonderful place of dreams but supposedly a snake and a woman brought it to an end and humans were thrust out into the world at large.

I’m okay with the snake but not okay with blaming a woman for our being thrust out of Eden which I’m not convinced ever existed. The fact of the matter is that struggle is fundamental to all life forms. Why would we bask in Eden? In fact, it surely would have been really dull. Humans need inspiration which can grow out of struggle. And struggle is often instrumental in growth and development.

Struggle and Conflict Are Inevitable

Sooner or later someone or something would have had to show up to give us a push and create conflict. For all of what we call human history we have been in conflict, if not with our environment and its demands, certainly with each other. And so in our fiction we create protagonist and antagonist reflecting how life is.

Creating Antagonists

In the forthcoming Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy the antagonists are called the Overlords. They are dedicated only to power and profit. Sound familiar? But I clarify them into a clear group dedicated to the defeat of the protagonists who also have their own struggles.

In today’s world we suffer from less clarity but no less of a struggle between preservationists and stewards on one side and people who may have no vision except their own profit and power on the other. In short, our very nature makes the existence of antagonists inevitable. It’s just that in fiction we have to design them to fit the story and the needs for drama.

There Have Always Been Power Hungry Men

It is hardly new to see that there are men who are dedicated to building and perpetuating their power. The strut of their egos are forever before us. But now with the growing empowerment of women we are looking at new conflicts and a possible transformative outcomes. And so in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy the conflict gets cast in a new and mythological format.

With climate change, and the scientific conclusion that humankind is contributing to it heavily, we face what may be a denouement. Changes in human society are moving rapidly and with it the form of our struggles. Surely these themes are playing themselves out in fiction and theater.

How do you think the modern day conflict between men and women will play out?


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