The Wonder of Transformation




Many Forms and Settings
In fantasy and science fiction the stories often deal with transformation. They come in all manner of different forms. They may involve such things as mysticism, ancient mysteries or transformations growing out of dreams.

Often in fiction it seems we choose to have transformation begin with an apocalypse or be related to a dystopia. In fact, such plot devises add urgency and energy but transformations have coats of many colors.

Diversity in the World of Humankind
Transformation is not found only in fiction and fantasy. Arguably it happens personally and for humankind as a whole. We may not think about it that way but it may occur glacially and is transformational nonetheless. Once we were bands of hunters and gatherers struggling for survival. These humble beings went on to create farms and build great cities. That is a reality. From there we went through such things as the Reformation and the industrial age. Maybe the transformation did not happen overnight but in the end the steps were huge.

As it has been discussed we tend to think of reality as something concrete and maybe even static. We may think of transformation as something sudden and all encompassing. The internet which many of us now take for granted has come to its twentieth birthday. It has been transformational. Flight and space flight was just a dream not so long ago. And, of course, there are the effects of the many forms of information technology and the coming empowerment of women.

Taking Instruction
These high magnitude changes are not just in fiction. They exist in real life and affect us personally and socially. It is just that we use fiction to explore and ask what the outcome might be. By fictional explorations we take instruction. We are stardust and had our beginning in a cataclysm. The wonder of it all is played out before us in fiction as well as reality. We move steadily from the world of “what if” onto the cusp of reality and then into reality itself. The various forms of transformation are wonders to be savored.

What is your experience with transformation?

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