Exploring Our World



Have you found truth?

The Challenge of Philosophy

Philosophy may do such a thing as focus on the construction of ethics or may move us into the realm of politics or totally abstract considerations. As such it may bridge into fantasy and can be markedly speculative. After taking some philosophy courses I came to see it as having the potential to change anything into anything. There were no bounds.

Exploring Reality

In particular I found existential philosophy intriguing but when I moved closer to what we call reality I was equally captured by political philosophy. In both areas the mind can soar but in each instance the restraint I found was in considering the impact on what we call reality.

My first course in political philosophy began with a reading of The Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes. I found it fascinating and my takeaway was that he was pressing the point that we create the state with a social contract to ensure peace, security and for the common defense. It requires our allegiance and tending and I doubt that he would have supported an antigovernment position. Rather he would have pressed the need for working through a social contract. In fact he pressed the point of us supporting our government. And then in the last chapter he totally blindsided me. It amounted to him saying “but of course there are circumstances.”.. Suddenly reality changed and there was a decision to be weighed depending upon the circumstances. We might reach a point where we would fight for significant government change or even overthrow it.

From there I went on to read a veritable history of political philosophy. Marx, Engels, Stalin and Hitler among others. With the philosophy of socialism I got to see a clear enticing logic. There was just one teensy problem. It did not mesh with the reality of human nature. And so began the experiment with what we called communism until it collapsed of its own weight.

Writing as Exploration

What’s the point? We humans have a variety of ways to explore our world and ourselves whether it is in the real world or the world of fiction for example. It is so rich and varied. And exploring possibilities in fiction permit us to seek and consider without ruinous consequences. Such is the power of the clever creatures we are as we seek the future and hoped for security and wellbeing.

What have you found in your explorations? Can you state it or them clearly?



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