Majesty As Mission



What does reading mean to you? And, if you write, what does it mean to you?

Passtime or Core of Life

To me reading is not a pastime or entertainment. Certainly it can be but I want to be engaged and intrigued. That is why I find myself gravitating to speculative fiction, fantasy and science fiction. The What If is so central. I’ve already touched on fields which stirred me deeply, like philosophy, psychology and anthropology. They all are intertwined.

And then to my surprise I found there was a story I felt I needed to write. It turned out not to be a simple story but a complex one and it seems it had been forming in the back of my brain over decades. It also turned out to be layered. First came an overall concept and then layer upon layer in succession.

Layers of Themes

The themes are already enumerated in posts just published. Fundamental is the perception of our living on the cusp of reality. Quickly other themes presented themselves. Life itself is a concept to be explored and inherent at all levels is struggle. The story naturally had to be speculative and make use of mythology which is often more truth than fiction. It has a context of a real world we live in where collectively we are in crisis and our planet is in crisis. So the matter of stewardship is crucial and involves conflict with those who are not so inclined but dedicate themselves to their own power.

The Central Theme for Our Future

The other core of the story relates to the developing empowerment of women. I’m frank to say I’m a dedicated feminist and see this movement as something with extraordinary power which will lead to the greatest changes in human history. Because of that, women are central to this story. Their meaning and power are essential.

Naturally men are present and play a significant role. How cannot it be otherwise? It is not just a matter of women coming to power but they must also come to partnership. Our future is clearly built on that partnership and equality.

I’ve entitled the series Gaia’s Majesty. Majesty is ourselves and our planet. We are a majestic whole. How can we possibly separate ourselves or detach ourselves from our glorious home? It is speculative fiction because it is an exploration of ourselves and our potential as we truly come of age. And, of course, the question must be raised what might be our potential and can there be transformation of some kind?

At Last the Story Opens

The publication of the first book of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy is now a matter of days. At publication chapter 1 becomes available on this blog along with the offer of a FREE novella from the book when you email me and request it. You can, of course, email me right now at and I will put you at the head of the list.

I’ll keep you informed of progress and continue my exploration of these topics on this blog. And, again, I hope we can be interactive. This process and our potential is something we all need to explore together. Being actively involved in understanding our development and our future is a mission in itself.

What are the central themes in your life?


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