The Truth of Speculative Fiction



What form of fiction do you prefer? Why?

The Truth of Speculative Fiction

Again I come from the position of asking what constitutes reality. Not only do we disagree among ourselves but an examination shows us that there are forms and layers.

Fiction, for example, is only unreal because the characters and the story do not exist in what we call the real world. But, of course, they do. People we know inspire characters, we, ourselves, inspire characters. And how many basic story patterns are there?

Our Choice Represents Us

The particular type of fiction we choose either to read or to write tells a story about each of us. As such there is no such thing as the best. It is merely what is best for the person who is pleased with their choice. That does not deny that some people are better at their craft than others.

Later in the blog I”ll be addressing the substance of human personality types which Carl Jung had the brilliance to organize for us. Each type makes their own choices of fiction. That again suggests there are no rights or wrongs, just a matter of who and how we are.

The Richness Of the Creations

Romance attracts one set of people, science fiction another. Tragedy has it’s own way of helping us adapt and explore. I prefer speculative fiction because of my personality type. I’m constantly looking behind things. When I see myth, I see human truth of many sorts. When fiction is speculative I can examine possibilities and turn them around in my mind. I find it such fun. I want to be intrigued. It isn’t the turn of phrase for me. It is the what if which engages me. And then we can plan for a future and how it might be.

And so we have a variety of forms of seeking how things might be, what choices we might make and the shapes and meanings to be found in the world. And again and again we open our minds when we explore various realities and each one may mean something very different to each one of us. Aren’t we fortunate?

What are your emerging choices?

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