Are We Seeing a Denouement?



In symbolic form the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy poses a fundamental possibility. Can it be that the worldwide empowerment of women indicates that humankind has reached a denouement in our development?

A Succession Is Possible

And now comes the carnage in Paris where despicable animals, without morals, attacked. They value only their own power and death. In fact, they do not honor or represent Islam. The occurrence of such a movement often indicates tensions which occur in history between the bassest instincts and a coming succession which empowers and elevates a people. In this instance those people are humanity—collectively.

The ISIS, so-called, “caliphate” demonstrates the lowest form of our worst animal instincts. We are more than that and, in time, will dismiss these nihilists from the human stage.

Universal Forces

In the trilogy I clarify two universal forces. One is the Mysterium which is the marvelous, enrapturing quality of women when they bewitch us, bringing us into a passionate partnership and the creation of new life. It is creative and fulfilling. Another universal force is the Maelstrom which is the destructive force closer to men. It is truly destructive but has a creative side seen in the appearance of new planets and suns when galaxies collide along with the creation of stardust as suns explode which shapes new beginnings such as ourselves.

I see the arrival of ISIS, with all its horror, as a possible signal of a coming denouement. Surely humanity will not honor them and, in time, they will pass from the human stage. And if the Mysterium remains as the central force and women are empowered to bring true partnership between men and women then humanity may rise to a new level.

Fostering a Creation

Perhaps I am being overly romantic and hopeful but it appears in human history that great conflict often precedes and indicates denouement before the arrival of a new era. We can do more than hope. We can work for its creation as do the Tethyans in Gaia’s Majesty: Discovery.


Vive La France. Nous aimons les gens Français.


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