Lessons from Paris

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The Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy has a number of roots. One of them was mythology and the meaning which it so often conveys about who we are and who we might become. There were also other themes and messages including the empowerment of women, the inevitability of struggle and the value of stewardship. Recent events display flows in human life which are instructive and important. We can learn from them.

Celebrating Life and Courage

Last night in Paris the city was alive with activity. Couples and families were visiting the memorial sites for the victims of the recent terrorist attacks. They placed flowers and lit candles. And nearby were the young playing music and dancing in the streets. The cafes and restaurants were overflowing.

France has experienced terror and is not terrorized. They are fighting back with raids and arrests, remembrances and celebration of life. America can learn from the French. It would appear that we are living in fear. Petty politicians are preying on fear as they use the recent events for personal political gain. Their manipulations and words invoke racism and ethnic prejudice. We are reminded of our internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Remembering Our Heritage

I am embarrassed for America. We are better than this. A nation of immigrants who believe in freedom should understand about compassion and facing down tyranny of whatever form whether it is by terrorists or manipulative politicians. Certainly we need vigilance but the fear and political invocation of prejudice is merely furthering the agenda of the terrorists.

Friends in Paris sent us this: #cometoparis


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