The Meaning of Uprising


Commitment to Partnership

The work of Carl Jung and the meaning of myth had a significant role in my creation of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy. Book 1 Gaia’s Majesty: DiscoveryAn Unbearable Choice has now been published and is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. It is clear in these works how deeply I feel about the empowerment of women and that it leads to wonderful partnerships benefiting us all. The cloak of the book is woven in myth but the underlying reality speaks to the essence of our existence.

There are often layers of meaning concerning events which creep up on us. It is almost surely true about what is happening with women in the world.

The Dawn of a Final Essential Struggle

There is a new day dawning for women and it is involving considerable struggle because men are not yielding easily. The story is detailed in Sally Armstrong’s book Uprising: A New Age Is Dawning for Every Mother’s Daughter. There are cultural restraints, resistance of all kinds and so many men are clearly opposed to having women gain equality. Their opposition is often cloaked in expressions of concern and statements about the vulnerability of women and their supposed needs. The bottom line, however, is opposition which may simply be a matter of yielding power.

In the United States we saw women’s suffrage but the time of greatest demands came in the 1960s. There is a whole detailed history leading to women rising to the degree apparent now. And what is particularly interesting is that the changes are coming across the world.

Enhancing the Potential of Our Species

One contention is that it is not just a matter of events or possibilities but that there is an inherent demand in regard to women coming of age and power. Humankind has reached a point where major changes must occur. We have been wasting the full potential of half our people and we need women to join us at every level. And as they join us the birth rate declines. Gone are the days when we simply needed more people to claim more land. We need fewer people to build a sustainable life style and to protect our treasured home, Earth.

Are We Looking at Enhancement or Survival

In that form of thinking we have the possibility that from a survival standpoint of our species it is time and essential that women join men in equality and full partnership. Only in time will men appreciate the full benefits.


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