Alternatives to Reality



Do you believe in alternative realities?

Fertile Imaginations

Of course we are clever and imaginative creatures. We have the capacity to deal with things other than reality. We have imaginations and can explore alternatives. Such an ability is useful not just in what we call creative endeavors. It serves us in hard sciences as well because we think of things not yet established as fact or even functional.

Literature of various kinds are telling. For example we tell stories about ghosts and paranormal experiences. There are various ways to explain these phenomena and, in some ways, we need not define them. Hard science has not been able to clearly demonstrate the existence of ghosts but we believe in them anyway. We can theorize what they might be. One hard headed explanation would view them as projections of our thoughts, feelings and dreams. In that explanation they are merely our own creations and are not real.

Having an Open Mind

An alternative is to look at ghosts as a real possibility. They may be seen as an alternative form of existence of someone who has died or a different form of being which comes from the past with a mission. It also may be that our senses have specific purposes and they don’t include viewing some other forms of life.The possibilities are almost endless and enrich our lives. And there is no reason to be utterly dismissive. They may be alternative forms of reality and they certainly make interesting storytelling. Paranormal processes in general serve similar functions and are not easily dismissed.

Socially Based Aberrations

There are all sorts of realities which take shape moment to moment. Certainly we seek our own platform to help us maintain a stable position among our fellows. Some of the alternatives may be social. I was fascinated to see pictures of an incident in Cleveland a few years ago. A black couple was fleeing the police. Before it was over there were 73! police cars chasing them. Obviously there had been a distortion of what we ordinarily call reality.There was no need for that many police cars and in the end this unarmed couple was shot to death.

And there are larger social phenomena such as what occurred in Germany during World War II. Much of the population seemed able to ignore the existence of over 20,000 prison camps where millions were being murdered. That is just one example of what we may do in the social arena.

Creative Departures

The examples are highly variable and endless. And in the interest of order and stability we insist that we maintain a relationship with reality. In art of various forms we have the capacity to depart and view the alternatives in a safe environment.

What is your favorite departure?

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