The New World With Women



My plan was to hold new posts until the first of the year, but tonight on the Stephen Colbert Show, I saw an affirmation of something important that is happening. Tonight Samantha Power was on with Stephen. In case you don’t know, she is our ambassador to the United Nations.

She came out in a dress that what I would call split skirt. That meant in places it was quite short (but I have to say tasteful). She had long hair and was wearing boots. Her presentation was anything but severe. She then engaged in a serious discussion which was humorous at times.

What’s the point?

We should not miss what is happening. Women can display their femininity and still be credible as intelligent and powerful beings. We cannot dismiss them and we can view our diversity. I think commonly we are failing to see the many ways in which women are being empowered and can be classically feminine at the same time. I see very little recognition of what is happening. The wave is rising and, unless we watch it carefully, we miss the point. As they are empowered, women move to true partnership along with diversity and therein lies our future and, I believe, salvation for a world in crisis.

And it is this theme which is the underlying theme in my Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy.

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