Some Interesting Health Alternatives

Have you heard of grounding?

Below is a page from NaturalOn Natural Health News & Discoveries sent in by Sis. The first item is about grounding which relates to the benefits of walking outside in your bare feet.Links are in a different color to go to the page. I had not heard of this previously but believe it makes perfect sense. Humans are energy systems and we underestimate such fundamental possibilities. By the way, Tea Tree Oil is a fabulous alternative to some of the expensive Big Pharma products. I’ll comment on some related aspects to this thread in a later post. Happy exploring.

Thanks Sis. Sorry I couldn’t get the pictures to transfer. Cross media is challenging.

Grounding: Not Just Some New Age BS

Have you heard of grounding? After practicing this for a few weeks, you will say that you never felt better, and you will wonder what took you so long to try this!

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