Finding Realistic Health Care


Close-up look at how the force of the water wears away the rock over houndreds of years.

How is your health care going?

As soon as I wrote this title I questioned the use of the words “health care”. What pulled me up short is that I’m not so sure it’s a matter of health as much as it is a matter of finding reliable and realistic information. Perhaps a better term is self management. I don’t know that any diagnosis is needed as much as a realistic relationship to how we are and what we need.

Another Personal Example

As a child I always had a handkerchief in my back pocket because my nose was always running when my sinuses weren’t totally clogged up. The problem didn’t get any better as the years went by. I tried all manner of medications sold by big pharma. At first I tried low doses of decongestants which helped a little.

There were times when I took regular doses of major drugs. One left me so confused I couldn’t function. Another so sleepy and tired I also could not function. These drugs are still big sellers. But there didn’t seem to be any reasonable alternatives so I cut back on the drugs and suffered. My netipot helped.


Deep inside I thought somehow there must be help. Our daughter-in-law has a truly helpful and effective naturopath in Montana so I called him. He didn’t say much but ordered a blood test. It was the E95 food group. I had no idea what that meant.

Back came pages of testing for food sensitivity. I had heard of it and thought it was some faddish thing of doubtful value. But there were pages of data telling me I should get off of gluten, dairy, eggs, beef and mustard (?). Most veggies were OK. So was anything with feathers, all seafood. The seafood part, living on the Chesapeake, was a special gift.

So, I had data. Why not try it. I cut all the forbidden stuff out. Within four days I was feeling much better and within two weeks my sinus problems were coming under control for the first time in my life.

Becoming a Believer

What was not to believe? The evidence was before me. Not that I never had an allergy attack again or stuffiness from time to time. I did, but life without chronic sinus problems was much better.

Then I began to think back. When I was young I really didn’t like milk (dairy). We had a can of Hershey’s chocolate syrup on top of the fridge so the milk was more palatable. I never liked breakfast cereal (mostly gluten) and on and on. I could see a pattern. And now I know gluten intolerance was related to my Vitamin D problem.

Getting Real

The bottom line is that I’ve learned to take everything with a grain of salt. Maybe that questionable belief system has some truth to it. Maybe it’s worth a try. Being dismissive is a mistake so long as we test if it applies to us. It may or may not. And, honestly, I have found alternative approaches to standard practice medicine to be much more helpful and effective.

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