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The Leadership of Women

In what ways do you think women will show special leadership?

Without question the role of women is being enhanced across the world. In almost every society they are being empowered and permitted new or enhanced roles. I’m utterly fascinated and have been since I saw women’s liberation blossoming in the 1960s. It just felt right.

When my Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy began to stir it was intuitively obvious that the people who would lead humankind to a new future had to be women. Not that men were excluded but Gaia would clearly have chosen women as central. The goal, of course, was true partnership between men and women as part of the outcome of a new age.

Throughout the Ages

The search for enchantment in mythology led me to Gaia, the mysterium tremendum and uncovering the fact that before the present patriarchal dominance there were matriarchal societies which did not mean power but guidance. In the ancient world there were strong matriarchal religions. And equality and strong female figures adorned native American societies. I’m sure that there are many rich and fascinating stories to enlighten our current existence and future development.

But, for now, I’m staying in the present day. I’ve gone onto the internet to see what is transpiring and found considerable variation. One group I tried to relate to seemed to be for women only. No male commentary or involvement was permitted. I understand men can be domineering, but as the movement advances, we do need to talk to each other.

International Conversations

I found a very different group on Goodreads where we are all talking together and it is a conversation across the world. Most of the posts are in English because it is so broadly spoken but some contributions may be in Spanish, French or Norwegian, for example. It seems we are tentative with each other at times, but it is a rich experience.

This Goodreads group chooses a new book to read each month and the first one was Gloria Steinem’s My Life on the Road. She is now in her seventies and still energetic and dedicated. I remember her entry into the American experience and my wife and I became subscribers to MS Magazine when it started. With all the decades of struggle she has endured, she remains dedicated, focused and her anger is limited. The tone tells us she is authentic and honest. I won’t even try to summarize the book. It took me back, brought me forward and rewarded me with a further enhancement of my own belief in the future of the empowerment of women and what it will surely bring.

Stunning Reality

What is happening regarding women in human society is not fiction. It is real, substantive and important with outcomes we can only dream of. There is much more to come in future commentaries.

What conclusions have you reached?

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