Not The Election You Think

What Primitive Forces Are Shaping This Election?


There is evidence that the political landscape is being distorted by forces which are going almost unnoticed and getting no coverage. The race for the presidency appears close but there is evidence to suggest what we think are fundamental issues are not what are driving the public. History and analysis suggest the real driving forces may be social, psychological and deeply underlying.

Revealing History

Long ago there was another two party system. There were Democrats and Whigs. In fact, Abraham Lincoln was a Whig until that party self destructed in the 1850s just as the Republican Party seems to be doing now. At the time the Know Nothing movement arose and it was fueled by nativism and fundamental prejudice against Catholics. Does the process sound familiar? It may not be happenstance that this occurred just before the Civil War. Fundamental forces and conflicts were being unleashed.

What Are the Present Conflicts in Our nation?

The real nature of conflicts is not always clear. In fact, there may be many answers.

Recently I heard a researcher talking about processes such as we are experiencing. What he had to say was fascinating.

Significant changes in leadership of a country can loose underlying forces. For example, when Australia elected its first woman as prime minister there was a sudden upwelling of misogyny—contempt of or ingrained prejudice against women.

Are We Unleashing Unrecognized Forces?

Not long ago America did something I did not expect to see in my lifetime. We elected a black man president. Obvious and underlying racism was unleashed. Our government was immobilized by a Congress which opposed virtually all initiatives. The conspiracy mill went into overdrive and ugly features in our national life were unleashed.

And now we are facing another significant change as we are presented with the possibility of a woman as our president. It calls to mind the experience of Australia. And the researcher indicated that these processes are far more common than we normally assume.

This political climate is something none of us alive have ever seen. Daily we are shaking our heads. There are calls for violence and we see such figures as David Duke (of the Ku Klux Klan) supporting one of the candidates. There are endless, fruitless investigations in Congress and charges of questionable validity are discussed in the media.

The Basis of Mistrust

This is not a normal election year. Is it possible that the mistrust of Hilary Clinton is founded in deeply rooted misogyny? We have been warned from history that irrational forces arise with major governmental changes. And we are seeing back to back significant changes at the very top of our government. It comes at a time when there are many people who are “left behind” and economic change in what may be a postcapitalism era is shaking our foundations.

The possibility of the basis for this conflict deserves our attention. The researcher brought to our attention forces we should be examining. And there is historical precedent to suggest validity. Deep self examination, personally, socially and nationally, is indicated.

What are you concluding?

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