We Are Stardust


What does being stardust mean to you?

We Rule – For Now

How arrogant we are! In our estimation we are the pinnacle of creation. And it seems we have an inalienable right to rule this planet. At least that is the case unless we bring it and ourselves to ruin.

Reasonable Assertion

Certain things are implicit and inevitable. Such as the human ego. We need it because if we do not look out for our own benefits and existence no one else can. As children we have to assert ourselves so that we survive among the mob which may be our siblings. Later it becomes another mob.

There may be order in the assertion of the self. At the same time it can help us become part of useful common endeavors. What is especially interesting is the pervasive nature of the assumption about our rights. Each is supreme in their own right. Of course then the tyrant may arrive and his ego is triumphant. Until such time we live in a personal reality and set of assumptions.

Another Reality

There is another reality which we rarely glimpse. That reality relates to the fact that we are stardust. When one thinks of the power of the Maelstrom we see that out of the destruction of the star is created the heavier elements. Without this creation via destruction we would not exist and much of the real world we call home would not exist.

What does that mean for our assumptions? Does it mean we are ordained as so special with such supremacy because we are stardust? We hold the term in awe and then take it as our own.

An Obligation

At base, one assumption is that there has been an event which puts us in a special place. Our life form was created with its position and abilities. The real base of the issue is whether we earned the place or not. It is a very real possibility that we earned nothing and our ego is simply causing us to assume we have special rights. Perhaps what we were given with our special position was a special obligation to seek wisdom and the opportunity and obligation to create.

Where It might Lead

As the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy developed, one theme suggested we might hold a special obligation but surely that is the obligation to seek new understandings and wisdom. And implicit is the reality that stewardship is essential for both our planet and fellow beings. Perhaps that is the lesson for humankind. There are unsuspected realities out there and special obligations that come with them. Living on the cusp of reality is one thing but that cusp has special demands we might want to consider. Or are we obligated to consider them? And then comes the matter of where all this might lead.

Do you see special possibilities?

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