Possibility as Opportunity

What do you see in today’s picture? What might it represent?


What possibilities are you searching in your life?

Questioning the Fiction We Write

Throughout the writing process I find myself asking a question about what I write. I prefer to call it speculative fiction because of what the story means to me but, evidently, the term covers a lot of territory. I usually settle and call it fantasy but the term is unsatisfactory to me. I know clearly it is not science fiction and certainly not horror. But what the story holds out to me is that it represents something I want. I also want to offer something specific to the reader.

When I explore my thoughts about what I create I am also clear that I am not writing literature. The turn of phrase does not enthrall me and at the same time I don’t see it as entertainment pure and simple. In the end I return to the core of my personality type. My primary function in my personality is intuition and the word I come up with again and again is “possibility”. For me it is a search and all of my life has involved search. Whether it was me in primary school looking out the window exploring a thought the teacher gave me or seeking a job with relentless potential later in life.

What Opens Before Us

Also with possibility comes the word “opportunity”. Isn’t that what a possibility is? It need not be a pure abstraction but can lead to a discovery and perhaps something to be done or even a mission.

Is There Some Form of Guidance?

At the same time I find myself entering the realm of wondering if there may be some form of guidance or the imposition of direction and purpose. And once that question is raised we have almost infinite possibilities and theoretical positions. Given the state of the world, I thought it was more interesting to pose purpose related to guidance from an earth goddess. We, after all, have to assume some responsibility for ourselves and our home. Perhaps we will be tested and since all animals struggle there is no reason why we should be an exception. It seems unlikely we will be given anything completely although some guidance might be possible. We learn through struggle. We grow through struggle. We justify our future through struggle.

And too often we confine our view to this planet when there is a rather large universe out there of which we are a product in the form of stardust. Why confine our search for possibilities. It might be that there is some form of even larger purpose growing out of the dynamism that is the universe and its fundamental forces. It would be beyond anything that we have yet conceived of.

How Central is the Instruction of Struggle

And then, of course, there is the matter that struggle is not merely struggle but almost surely offers productive possibilities and leads us to shaping challenge and purpose. We need to search the horizon for opportunity. And then when we focus on the specific work itself we might find all forms of opportunity. And in fiction there are characters to engage our explorations. We can ally ourselves with a character like ourselves or seize the opportunity too take in and work with someone completely unlike us. In fact we may find that some part of our unconscious is being raised or brought to our attention. It all composes opportunity.

Personal Discovery

In writing I found myself challenged by these thoughts and they lead to personal discovery. I did not set out to find them our build them. As an intuitive type I found they built themselves. In all you can see the possibilities with which I wrestle and they are components of the coming Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy.

And then I must comment on the picture I chose for this post. It is what we psychologists call a projective devise. I see it as our earth goddess in charge of our world. But how do we interpret it. How do you see it? Does this image intimidate us or challenge us to respond. Does the power frighten us or does it suggest struggle and possibilities as I outlined above. I tend toward seeing opportunity and dynamism with us under the command of the goddess/world we may be stewards of or ruin. Do we get guidance?

Which of these possibilities intrigues you?
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