Women and Our Future

Note: This is the last post for 2016. The next post will be on January 4th. 2017 The first book of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy was published in late 2015 but I withdrew it because I wanted to do additional work. The second edition of book 1 will be published this winter. In advance I will comment more deeply about essential themes, the present and developing role of women and, among other things, specifics about the caste of characters.

In these troubled times, what is your view of what is unfolding?

To Repeat

By now you understand my view that the changing and developing role of women is deeply important to our future. And in this trilogy, as I was writing it, the importance of women grew. And recently, somewhat belatedly I ran across an encyclopedic book about the women warriors called the Amazons. It is called The Amazons by Adrienne Major. How interesting!

I thought Amazons were pure myth. It turned out that is not even close. Yes, they were real and of great significance in the ancient world.

Our World

When we think of the ancient world we tend to think of Greece, Rome and Egypt. Certainly they were great and important civilizations. But recently we are gradually hearing about other parts of the ancient and medieval world. In the Middle Ages the story of the Vikings revealed shield maidens fought along side the men. And in ancient times in the near Middle East all the way into China there were prominent women warriors.

And, when we step back dispassionately we see considerable diversity among women. There are many perceptions depending upon the culture involved. And comparisons with men are diverse. Today women serve in the military in highly variable roles depending upon the country. The bottom line is that men and women are not utterly different except by reproductive measures. On any given ability or talent there are usually overlapping bell curves. That means that on a given variable some women may exceed the capacity of many men. Think about height. Not all men are taller than all women. Likewise for ferocity in battle there are some women who will exceed the capacity of many men. We may be different but neither men nor women need to be placed in the extreme or totally detached from the other sex for some ability or talent. The future is open and diverse.

And Today

Looking at history reveals that the current role of women in the west is not a matter of how women are but how our cultures are. Gradually women are taking very different places. The spirit of the past and the reality of humankind is being drawn more deeply into the West and across the world.

An Expanded, Exciting World

The changes are being fought and resisted but the wonderful news is that devastation is not assured. And there is so much richness to be gained. Throughout history it is clear that men and women fought and loved together. The rich lives of men and women in our world together can clearly instruct us about how it can be for us. Some men are resisting the autonomy and empowerment of women but their hold will inevitably fade which is already apparent.

The Women of the Andromeda

Since I only recently found Mayor’s book I learned I had no idea what I was doing in including a defense force of women warriors in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy. But as I was writing they kept me intrigued and their role kept expanding and deepening. And I had to laugh. One of the most important woman warriors (among the Andromeda women) has red hair. She came from Ireland. But then in The Amazons I learned that many of the women inhabiting the steppes in the ancient world had red hair and even blue eyes. It seems many of these people moved west. In the trilogy, many of the women have a common role, but each had a different history and contribution to make.

As we move into the new year and I introduce the first book in the series I’ll also be posting in detail about these women.

In the meantime have a happy holidays and I’ll see you in the new year.
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