The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy – Part 2


What are the implications of the movement to empower women?

Who We Are

In the beginning, in order to compete with other animals on the planet, the beings we call humankind created tools and used their capacity to formulate culture to aid in their development and endeavors. The males would have to be larger and more aggressive to ensure survival. The females were smaller, generative in agriculture and the arts and produced the children. They were central in tending cultural development. In the beginning they held less power, but Gaia knew that their time would have to come and that, while generally less powerful physically, they would have to assume a different kind of power. True partnership between the males and females would become essential. Predation among these beings would have to be contained. We still struggle with our predation even against our own kind. And the role and power of women is yet to be defined.

A Story Yet to be Finished

Over time humankind had become successful and ruled the planet. But the rule was not always benevolent and, inevitably, a final struggle would have to take shape. It was a struggle Gaia knew would surely come.

Over the millenia the clever animals were assuming diverse ways. Some were inclined to be dominant and aggressive and continued their predation in a myriad of forms. Others were more inclined to stewardship whether it was of their own people or the planet itself. Sooner or later Gaia knew there would have to be a definitive confrontation and resolution.

Beck Eriksen – Another Lead Protagonist

Protagonists in fiction can take many forms and relationships. The form of the story in Gaia’s Majesty: Mission Called – Women in Power raised the prospect of a central couples relationship. Rather than focusing on a love story alone, there was the opportunity to define the relationship early on and see them develop into an unexpected role in the future of humankind.

And so came Beck Eriksen to be a partner with Avery Corbett

It was all so simple. He earned an engineering degree, then an MBA following the track his successful father had foreseen for him. Then he got a job with a defense contractor headed by a man he came to see was an unscrupulous Overlord. He couldn’t have dreamed of, or considered, this fate. But Avery was with him and deeply committed. And the most wonderful thing was that he was not threatened by her lush Mysterium – the enriching and enticing power of women. In fact, he dove deep into his relationship with her. Life was often difficult, but she made it all worthwhile. He was her rock and had faith they would prevail.

What is the future you see as women are empowered?

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