The Feeling Function – Carl Jung

Feeling is Not Just an Emotion


We all know the feeling type person and often find them endearing although introverts may find them invasive. Mostly likely the person is a woman. She makes her decisions based on her feelings. The decision is logical only in that sense. But, yes, making decisions based on feelings can be supremely logical. A thinking type man may believe very differently. The logic is merely different.

Aside From Value

The differences between the thinking and feeling types illustrate the dangers in value judgements. Each has their own place and own contributions but in interactions they may be beloved or irritating.

Contributions of Diversity

Generally the feeling type is people oriented. One way or the other she will seek to create harmony among the people around her. The thinking type is working on problems, systems and what we think of as logic, the feeling type person is dealing with an entirely different people oriented world. Why wouldn’t they? How much feeling is involved in designing a drill. Of course feelings can be bad and hurtful but that is not their intent.

We know the feeling type instantly when we contact her at a party. The attachment is evident and we respond accordingly. And it is probably at the party that we will meet her. She will be there to relate to people and feelings.

Enhancement of Feeling

If the feeling type is extraverted the concentration is on the outside world and at the party where they will be circulating and expressing warmth. The values they express will have traditional standards and conventional values. They are wonderful companions and loving mothers. She relates well to all the people she meets although from time to time her feelings may overwhelm her.

An Interesting Difference

When introversion is attached this woman may seem a little detached or indifferent because she is developing her feelings deep inside. The saying “still waters run deep” applies. This person may be mysterious and have an aura of mysterious power. While they may not be the life of the party they may be unimaginably impressive lovers in a very special way of their own. The harmony they seek to create may be inconspicuous.

By now you can see the important differences among the types and how the attitudes of introversion and extraversion modulate those types. And then there is the matter of the degree. But fundamental is the type itself.

What has been your experience with feeling types?

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