The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy – Part 4


Can we enhance the movement of Primal families in the interest of our world?

Broad Missions

In the myth underlying these books, the Progenitors Gaia had chosen to defend our future often lived much or most of their lives in the sea, they could also live on the land when they had specific duties and tasks. And there was often a mission chosen for them on land by Gaia.

Progenitors Coming to Land

The sightings conveyed in mythology are of the Progenitors as they were in the sea. But with a mission on land they needed a safe way to come from the sea. And so there were designated villages on the seacoast chosen to aid them in a safe and hidden transition to terrestrial life. When they came to the shore they would transform and their fishlike attributes would retreat into their bodies. They then took on what we know as a wholly human form and would don clothes provided by their protectors.

Life on the Land

Over the millenia there were women and some men who were given missions to come from the Tethys to the land to live. They built families that had strong female members firm in marital partnerships with their mates who referred to themselves and their families as Primals. Generally these families became quite wealthy but by truly constructive means. When they were in business their businesses were well run with a vital social contract between workers, shareholders and owners. When their dedication was to public causes, such as support of the independence of women in general and safeguarding control of their own fertility and economic sustenance, their stewardship led to flourishing communities and countries.

Gaia’s Involvement

These families were a vanguard in a sense. In the event of widespread catastrophe and the need to restart humankind they were present and prepared to support new societies. Gaia had decided she would not just stand idly by but would prepare in all regards.

The Opposition

But, of course, humankind had a diverse history and there were those who continued fundamental predation, even against their own kind. Opposed to the dedication of the Tethyans were the people they referred to as the Overlords. In contrast to the families of the Primals, the Overlords were dominated by aggressive males who were not just highly predatory but these men cared only for power and profit. They too had originally come to the land from the seas. Thus, there was some overlap of the lineages but the Overlords were primarily the remnants of the dominant power oriented predator class.

Luisa Penza
And then there was Luisa who came from a wealthy Italian primal family. Like Brigid she had a brush with tragedy and brutality and so came to join Andromeda. Brigid had a pet name for Luisa and called her Kitten. A darling gamine, she used her sexual wiles with great art. It was in the service of her people and she enjoyed the form of power it gave her as well as loving the act itself. Her appearance served her in her work. She seemed so innocent, but the object of her attention and assignment would not suspect that she was hiding her wiles and could strike with brutality if needed.

Can you see people like these in our present lives?

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