Waves Are Fundamental


It Is Time to Pay Attention

If we are paying attention and scanning both the past and the future, it is clear that waves are fundamental not just in our lives but in the universe. The obvious question is why we care. Certainly in the universe we have no effect on the clashing of star systems among other things. But, to some of us, the process is intriguing.

Let’s Come Closer to Home

If we look at economics for, example, we see an ongoing process of change with boom and bust cycles. Note is taken of the economic cycles but there is generally less attention to large and small social and cultural cycles. And the larger changes for humankind as a whole seem to attract little attention. But it is in our interest to pay attention because the outcomes may be very attractive or horrifying.

The Animal World

From time to time I watch television shows about animal groups. After a time my interest wains because the one thing they have in common is reproduction and eating—often each other. Humans do that as well but other things in our lives, such as economics have great import.

It is not just a matter of simple day to day survival. Species rise and fall but of greater interest for us is the story of civilization. We struggle with each other as most animals do but our impact on our planet bears close watching. The outcome will affect a lot more than just us.

A Multitude of Waves

Waves in our lives seem to come in short and long form. We get ourselves into wars, economic success and ruin and larger processes. But too often there is one thing in common and that is that we too often do not pay enough attention. Suddenly we are at war, suddenly we are in an economic depression. Now stewardship of each other and our planet is coming to the fore at least for some of us.

This is An Intriguing Time

I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that what we face now seems to have more potential impact than ever before. Certainly we have a history of prolonged war but it has tended to be focused on a region. Now we have what we call world wars and a nuclear conflict could bring unprecedented effects to the entire planet.

But overall, I find myself looking at a drama and flow of waves which exceed anything I expected to see. In some ways it is like standing on the ocean shore and watching competing currents and their waves. The potential impact of the liberation of women will probably have more of an effect than almost anyone expects. And certainly the people among us resistant to the change seem to be narrow-minded and fail to see effect and potential. And, also in the world at large, there is a growing wave of authoritarianism. We have seen totalitarian states arise before but what is happening now has a curious set of potentials.

Are We Going to Pay Attention and Take Command

The stakes are so high that we need to be more than observers. The beginning point suggests we need to attempt to understand the potential import and impact. Standing idly by and inattentive is not indicated. There is limited comment but I would love to see larger serous public attention to the various processes. Perhaps we can’t know where these waves will lead but if we study them we might have the opportunity to direct them in some fashion to our mutual benefit. Some would say we already do. I would contend that the waves deserve deeper and greater attention.

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