Securing Wonder and Our Future


Not To Be Ignored

The whole concept of transformation is something I find utterly intriguing. There are those who think it is a daydream and not worth considering but, for me, it poses not just a major change but an opportunity in which we can engage ourselves.

Perhaps we might dismiss transformation as something which is utterly beyond our control. Such a dismissal is to overlook a fundamental process and that we are involved and can shape no matter where it occurs or the outcome.

Very Personal

We cannot escape transformation. Do you remember your childhood? There was an awakening at several levels and we cannot possibly dismiss the meaning and substance of our sexual maturity. When we scan our lives we see personal waves and development. Some of us miss the opportunities and permit ourselves to become mired in the past.

Looking at ourselves is one place to begin and from there we can see the wonder and opportunity which may be before us and can be seized. The opportunities are all around us.

To a Larger Focus

While there are monumental possibilities in front of us we may fail ourselves and our others. At present in the United States we seem mired in political wrangling and the thing which makes me most concerned is that what is troubling in many ways has little to do with politics. Or at least politics are only a fragment which is distracting us.

The larger view should make us step aside from politics and search for other forces. Without a doubt we can see devastating corruption crippling our institutions and inhibiting our future. When we reduce it to politics we miss the point of the outrages which have crept in then exploded in our lives. Confrontation of this process should be a common goal. We should be aghast that corruption may be the ruling force in our lives.

And Then There Is Pathology

At the head of our ruling elite is a narcissistic sociopath who is markedly unstable. The behavior suggests someone who at root views himself as trash and he contends daily with the need to pretend otherwise. And it seems that we are posing partisan politics as the issue and rally around our supposedly partisan groups. There are many other forces and without perspective we miss the opportunity for an uprising in behalf of our future.

Leaving It There

There is a lot more to be said but the focus should remain on the glorious transformation which may emerge from the present crisis if we will gather and look toward how we might make a much more glorious future direct our lives. One of the things which may help guide us is the emergence of the power of women. I view it with awe and hope.

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