Men! Who Are We?


I’ve written several posts exploring the empowerment of women and supporting the changes. It is now time to begin to explore men, who they really are, and what is driving them.

Time to Challenge Our View of Men and View of Ourselves

Some might say we already know all about men. As a psychologist I have to challenge that assumption. I don’t think we know a great deal because what drives and defines men is deep in their physiology, their personalities, peer relationships, their culture, the overall culture and on and on.

Empowerment Is Merely a Beginning

Women have opened the way for us and it is time. As I thought about this post I saw a deep challenge. I found I could not even begin to raise a comprehensive view or ask all the needed questions.  Extensive exploration is required, and research, as we rush into our future at a faster and faster pace.

A Few Issues

Let me raise a few issues which came  to mind.

Men – Male Culture

What is the shape, form and detailing of what we might call male culture?

Power – Often we see men as being dominated by the quest for power. I doubt it is so simple. Seeking power can be compensatory, fear induced, have specific goals about which the man may not be clear at all. Etc.

Sexuality – Certainly there is a drive but what is it related to? There is a great deal of complexity there.

Sports tyranny – I was never into competitive sports. Above all I have been dedicated to exploring the “what if”. The pressure to be dedicated to sports among boys was always intense. One day when I was nine two boys were fighting over whether one was out or safe. I got fed up, walked off the ball field for good and rode away on my bike into wonder.

Suppression of women – At the forefront right now is the issue of the suppression of women. It is often led by men but there are also some women who support it as well. Surely men are central but when we look at it, it goes beyond men into the larger culture of our societies. 

Men – Self Image

How does a man define himself? What does that man expect of himself?

Too often the image of what it means to be a man is assumed to be global. It is not. There should be room for breadth and diversity but especially in adolescence there is little room.

Men Versus women

Certainly men seek love and sex and weave women into their desires to build a  future with them. But when we delve a little deeper we get into a stunning complexity. Men are expected to take the initiative which also leaves them open to rejection and problems of self esteem. Can he please her, engage her, respond sexually and on and on. Adolescence is a time of challenge and change. It can leave deep scars which impact women as well. And one thing I hear little of is men’s reaction to their women giving birth. Women are the ultimate creator of human life. Men make a brief contribution and do support her but the baby is her special wonder. How men truly handle it remains a secret. 

The Meaning of Partnership 

The research – Certainly there is research out there but what I am suggesting is greater nuance and exploration. I don’t think we know as much as we think we do. We see wonderful marriages and partnerships but we also see many underlying issues which get in the way of fulfillment and partnership. And what of our personal exploration. A very challenging topic.

There! I Opened the Encyclopedia

This post was difficult because I found so many pathways opening. This is nothing but a totally inadequate probing of a whole field of study. Some might say it has been extensively studied. I do not agree.

Let me hear from you and I will, over time, seek to continue the exploration.


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