The Future of Jobs


Setting Priorities

Nationally we seem to have a wrestling match about how much to commit to what. If we speak about investing in infrastructure or health care there is an accusation of socialism. In fact we have been putting off facing something that should be inevitable and investing for the people of our country.

Focus on One Issue

Of special interest to me is the issue of jobs as we move faster and faster into a changing  future. I learned a great deal many decades ago and am deeply concerned about how we are not serving our most vulnerable people. And that issue is the changing jobs picture.

An Unexpected Job Function

When I went to work in Baltimore’s inner city as a psychologist I thought that I was to deliver mental health services. I wasn’t alone in being naive. As I’ve said before, poverty is the biggest enemy of mental health as it fuels anxiety and depression. In each of our service centers there was a vocational rehabilitation counselor and they were thrilled to learn they had a psychologist on staff who could evaluate the skills of people for whom they were seeking new employment or even some employment at last.

Many of these people were women who had no previous job experience as they struggled alone at home to feed and guide their children. What I saw was eye opening. Of course when they came for service I would interview them and when jobs were needed I would do a further evaluation to aid their counselor.

We Missed it

At a broader level there soon was even greater concern. To be blunt, when we began to see things like the decline of the coal industry and the ramping up of technology we should have begun research. It is commonly assumed that coal miners could only dig coal. Not true. There are wide varieties of talents available in all job markets and it is just a matter of identifying jobs which need filling and then studying the skill sets in the population at large.

One of the things that I came to see violated what I had been taught about intelligence testing. The most common test was divided into two parts of Verbal and Performance. Verbal is what we ordinarily assume such as vocabulary and related skills. Performance had a broader range and was less well understood. 


Generally it is expected that the Verbal and Performance were expected to fall at a similar level. But when the Verbal fell lower it was viewed as a learning disability. I learned that turning it around was more revealing. Seeing it as a higher Performance level often revealed a special talent which was useful in technology type jobs. The type of jobs which would become available.

A View to the Future

For decades I worked with vocation rehabilitation people and gained a significant perspective. At least twenty years ago, when we began to see coming changes, we should have focused and begun research. We did nothing useful. The left behinds are a special focus. The ones losing jobs when they are in their 50s and 60s will be hard to serve but we can do a great deal for the younger ones and not just serve them but serve our society. 

I’ll leave it there for now. It gets complex and lengthy but I think I’ve conveyed the fundamental idea. Things are not as hopeless as they seem and there can be a much brighter future for many who see no light down their road. But we have to begin to focus on that light now.


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