Searching For Meaning


There are a variety of ways for us to describe our lives. We each have our own story. Sometimes we aren’t even sure that we are searching for something. Generally a common thread is communicated to us. Get an education, find a job, marry, have children – is common. Of course our lives are far more nuanced than that.

Seeing a Hint

I think my earliest memory is telling. One rainy evening, probably around 1943, I was seated in a window seat looking out through a rain streaked window. There was a soft sparkle of light in the drops streaming down. I remember a soothing quiet. It was just the type of evening in which dreams are born as we grow and begin to explore our personal and larger world. It was a time of wonder.

I probably would not have remembered it except for the fact that there was a loud knock on the door to our apartment. It was the block captain telling my mother that our curtains must be closed. I had pulled back the curtains to sit at the window.

It was World War II and we were to maintain a blackout. New York was not under attack but precautions were essential. There was no anger. Just a statement of essential caution. I was a very young child and could not understand. 

But that evening I was opening my dreams and where I searched for meaning. That search has endured through my life.

What’s The Point?

It is not a matter of an early dream or recollection. It is about us and our personal search. Each of us is different. Some simply march forward. Others demand exploration. Others dream. the stories of our approach to life are almost infinite. We are informed of expectations but we build our own.

My Viewpoint

Certainly I obeyed the prime directives of what we are supposed to expect from life. Yes, I went to school, pursued a career, married and had children. But the components are telling. 

When I went to college I found I wasn’t clear why I was there. What did it really mean to get an education? For what? We begin with basic courses. Only later do we get to choose. Along the way nuclear physics got my attention. What researchers found was unfolding and revealing more than expected. So, at last I had found a direction.

Except an unforgivable math professor who was uncommitted to our education ruined my view forward. The details are unimportant but I chose another field where I could explore. I entered the field of psychology. 

I think I have to say I found clinical psychology truly interesting partly because we really don’t know anything definitive about the human mind. There are theories, dicta, and beliefs. But now, decades later I think the unanswered questions are almost infinite. Does that sound strange?

I accept very little as given and I’ll go into that in more detail later in this blog.

Again! What’s the Point?

I’m redirecting this blog into specifics of diverse kinds. Yes, it is called the Cusp of Reality which is truly how I view where we spend our lives. But there are a number of specifics which have demanded my attention over my life. I’ve gathered them and will do more detailed and sequential sharing.

One of my essential endeavors lately has been to write and develop my Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy. What developed was not expected.

Essential Transformation

The point is not about diversity. Rather I am redirecting the blog somewhat because of my growing concern about the potential for transformation on the horizon. And, with Gaia’s Majesty, I find myself being engaged by transformation. And transformation may be wonderful or it may be terrible. It is my view that our world will be transformed shortly.


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