There Is Sadness in America


First of all I have to clarify something about the context of this post. As a clinical psychologist it is my job to read people and how they are feeling. Most of the time I leave that door closed. It takes energy I don’t need to expend it for no particularly purpose. But presently I find feelings around me intruding.

Let me give three examples of things I have experienced recently.

A Simple Procedure 

I went in to get blood drawn recently and when I do the blood vessels in my arms go into hiding. Often it is difficult for the technician to find them. In this instance the woman did a basic evaluation, inserted the needle and got blood at once. I said, “It’s so nice to work with the A team.”

The look on her face was heart warming. A woman who had looked despondent became animated and happy. To me all I had said was a form of thank you and it seemed to have important meaning to her. I noted the discrepancy.

It Was Only Breakfast

Next incident. We had to go to the West Coast for a graduation and one morning we were in the terminal looking for something to eat. The offers were uninspiring until I found a man selling roasted chicken legs which looked meaty. They were quite good and I went up to the man who seemed to be making an effort to stay positive. When I told him how pleased I was, the joy on his face was touching. Once again, I had given a simple thank you.

No Big Deal

Third incident recently. I stopped at a small convenience store. There was a pleasant young woman who checked me out. She asked if she could offer a discount card and I declined. but I said, “Thank you for asking.” You would have thought I had given her high praise but she had been uplifted.

Paying Attention

These kind of incidents have come to be notable to me recently. At once I feel there is an indication that Americans are  being anything but inspired. In fact they seem mired and too often fundamentally joyless as if the future holds little for them and all they can do is struggle forward.

In fact, they re conveying how their lives are. We live in Trumpdom and an aura of widespread corruption. This is not the America I have known and we need to attend. There are people in Congress working for us and some are corrupt and work against us but fundamentally if we are to restore America we must all come out and vote in 2020 and bring back people with vision and dedication to our country.


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