Fiction Writing and Transformation


Making a Beginning

When I started to write my Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy I merely thought I had an intriguing idea. I had always loved having my imagination stirred by mythology and mermaids particularly took my attention. There were mermen but no one seemed to care much about them. And so in this era of the empowerment of women I moved forward to a fantasy in a current real world setting. I believe the best term for the series is magical realism.

The Opening

The first book opens with a focus on an innocent young woman by the name of Avery. She worked serving third world women in an effort to give them an independent and productive economic future. Certainly she was dedicated but had no idea what was going to unfold in her life.

Not long after she had entered college the people she thought were her parents were killed in an automobile accident. She felt abandoned and moved forward.

Now Here Is the Writing Part

As a psychologist I knew the trauma she felt and that there would be great difficulty as she moved forward dedicated but alone. As it turned out she was not alone. She came to know her real parents were alive and she was a key person in the time our Earth Mother would throw the world into crisis. Her emotional agony was terrible.

I knew there had been  inner turmoil and I showed it in the story but initially it came across as whining. No doubt that was what she felt inside but that was not intriguing in the book. I had to tone her emotions down.

Each Character Had a Birth and A Development 

I began this effort with a detailed outline and a plan. The plan was useful but the characters were troublesome. I took Avery in hand and brought in some other women. First came an especially intriguing women called Brigid. She was the leader of the Andromeda warrior women and had Irish heritage. Well, kind of. 

I was led into some research on Brigid who had flaming red hair and decided she was Irish but it seemed the true origins of red hair was in the steppes of Asia among their Amazon women. That’s right, the warrior Amazon women. And it seemed likely that as the ice age ended they moved west probably settling in Ireland. Her history and dedication exploded. She was truly demanding and grew in the story. Sometimes as the supposed writer I wondered who was in charge.

Then Came Darling Luisa

Another Andromeda woman arrived and worked closely with Brigid. Brigid called her Kitten. She was darling, beautiful, irresistible to men and dangerous. As an agent of Andromeda she engaged men, often took them to bed and extracted the information and involvement she wanted as a part of her mission. In her story I knew I was in dangerous ground because she could have been viewed as despoiled rather than dedicated. But she was also insistent and in the age of empowering women I knew she had to be viewed more in terms of her dedication and courage.

Who Is In Charge?

It seemed as the author I was only nominally in charge. The characters were insistent and the story in the end seemed to presage the era we now find ourselves in. Strong and dedicated women were leading us into a time of transformation and they and us in our time don’t know where the transformation will lead us. Can we ever be detached from the larger picture of human life? Through fiction we can open our eyes to the rich and powerful developments which may go well beyond a simple view of life on a lovely planet.


Don’t Miss My Developing Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy

I refer to it as a work of magical realism. It is a series with a strong mythological element and a real world setting in this time when women are being empowered at last. It is a time of wonder and awakening for all of humankind.


Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power – Book 1

Avery had dedicated her life to work for the future of third world women. Her life was enhanced when she met the man who became the love of her life. They could not know that they shared a destiny and that a mission set long ago by our Earth Goddess was to be revealed before 


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Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called


Gaia’s Majesty-Challenge: The Chosen Rise – Book 2

These people, called Tethyans, live in cities in the sea but can morph into fully human form and come to land to form families. They join with the warrior women called the Andromeda to fight against the forces working to impair the future of humankind. Avery has found her birth name of Chantia and she and Beck find there is soon to be a child of seeming great import just as the world falls into terrible strife with millions already dead. 

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Gaia’s Majesty-Challenge

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