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Stunning Alternatives

Recently I mentioned that while this blog is titled Cusp of Reality that I’m redirecting it more to the issue of transformation. I need to explain what that means.

I’ve been on this earth awhile and certainly I’ve seen periods of crisis and turns toward productive development. But I’ve never seen the potential for the development of such vastly different transformations.

America in Crisis

I know I’m writing a blog about the cusp of reality and now am directing it  toward transformation. While part of my endeavor presently is to promote my Gaia’s Majesty series, in its development the issue of transformation has emerged. At this moment, I’m being led to comment on my view of the crisis America finds itself in. The news is dominated by the issues we see in our government. In the commentary it is repeated over and over that almost everything is about politics. I fundamentally disagree.

A brilliant old man I took classes from when I was in college talked about culture and things such as cultural flow. His illumination shines on what we are seeing presently. 

The kind of crisis we are enduring is not the product of a single election. This is a welling up of culture and various associated processes. We have opened a view of undercurrents and differing groups within our society. These groups did not materialize overnight. They were there all along but were often hidden from our sight.

World Transformation

America’s crisis is weighing heavily on what is happening in the world. Since World War II America  has been a stabilizing influence. Now, with an unstable and deeply pathological narcissistic president we have not just abandoned the world but are feeding its deterioration. 

Not long ago we had the hope of the Arab Spring and saw blossoming regimes in Europe. Now the Middle East is in dire conflict with our government contributing. We are seeing instability in such places as Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland with other tremors across Europe. 

Shortly It may be that burgeoning conflict of a level not seen since World War II will appear. The processes leading to World War I and World War II were not the product of careful design but of forces out of control. It seems we are at such a time again.

Transformation of America

What we see in our country is not a pretty sight. We are floundering and it is clear that there is a very strong element of corruption operating in both government and business. For decades now there has been a deterioration which has led us away from solving problems as our culture changed and we are entering a stressful world with rapid technological change.

What is happening is not just politics although there are political tremors. Much of it is cultural upwelling and rapid change in which we are not in charge. Even though many of the effects may be seen in the political realm there are many other elements of note. 

One of them is the stunning movement to empower women at last. I watch in awe as bright, determined women appear before us. At last we are coming to see the significant potential in half our population and it breeds wonder and hope-as well as opposition.

As positive elements flower they bring with them attention to factors in our lives which are of great import. We are coming to understand that we need to attend to change among men, defining a future for the people we call the left behinds, long overdue reform of our health care system, climate change (114 degrees in Paris this week)  and on and on.

These few themes and items noted are merely part of the flood nationally. Ahead I will be selecting some of them for more detailed comment.

Choice Point

These are the huge choice points we will select for transformation. Will we abet the decline of world relationships to lead us deep into terrible world crisis or will we face our own dilemmas, work for constructive problem solving and turn the corner to renew our stabilizing influence in the world? We will see shortly.


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