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Let Me Share This

There was no sudden event, but over time I became aware of someone whom I call My Companion. I see her in the distance beyond me in my “Mind’s Eye”, not in the clarity of day.

Yes, it is a she and she has been with me for a long time. We do not often interact. From time to time she will come to me and we exchange not just thoughts but feelings. There are also times when I reach out to her and she can still or clarify unsettling feelings and perceptions.

She Is Someone Special

In the end I chose the name Companion for her because of the way she accompanies me in my life. There is no huge need or demand and I think I know what/who she represents. In Carl Jung’s theories he indicates that each of us has an opposite sex partner called an anima we carry within ourselves. I think this woman I call My Companion is my anima. I do not see her in what we call visual reality but instead see her in my “Mind’s Eye” where I look in my imagination. The clarity is touching.

It seems that when I search in my imagination that she resides in a specific time of the day no matter when I look out to her. My view suggests it is probably late afternoon or early evening because there is not full sunlight but a comfortable ambiance of light. That suggests to me she resides in the time of day when I have the most energy and feel most alive which is between the hours of four and six in the afternoon. So, it seems she is aligned to my life and energy.

Our Other Sex Partner

I’ve found Jung’s idea of an opposite sex partner who travels with us in our lives to be intriguing at many levels. I am clear about my positive regard for women and my view seems to align with who I see and what I see in My Companion. That raises an intriguing possibility. Is it possible that the nature of our opposite sex partner relates strongly to our view of that sex in our “real” life.

For example, I see stunning differences in how men relate to women. It is clear there are men who are predators when it comes to women. They may treat them poorly, abuse them and even prey on young girls. I wonder if it’s possible that these actions reflect the relationship they have with their Anima. In my Gaia’s Majesty series I have an unethical predatory Overlord who comes to suffer attacks by a woman spirit with flaming eyes. Such a spirit could well reflect an inner woman or anima who is evil and drives him to treat women so poorly. 

Different Relationships 

It may be that the men who treat women poorly have animas who are anything but loving and fulfilling partners. Instead their anima drives them to strike out at women. 

These considerations give us another form of support of the idea that the dynamics of our inner life have a great deal to do with how we are in our outer life. As such we then can see that the spirit world is not truly a creation of imagination but reflects another form of reality with which we live.

And, of course, when we begin to consider a spirit world, we open the possibilities for many forms of spirits in our personal life.

Moving Beyond

Almost all of us experience strange phenomenon, including the perception of someone nearby from time to time. It may merely come to us, but it may relate to a specific place. The stories are almost infinite and in my later years I have felt and seen so much that I feel these are things which exist in our personal and collective world.

That in turn opens the whole idea of a spirit world in general and alternatives beyond ordinary life. And so we bring these spirits to life in our imagination and such things as fiction writing. We cannot conceivably prove they do not exist and there is no reason to dismiss them utterly. One of the options is to consider and give room for an opening. I have found such an opening in my Gaia’s Majesty Series. And I find that opening satisfying.


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