Beyond Politics to Essential Vision


In this seemingly endless era of pre-election scuffling I’m getting very restless.  Yes, we know the stakes in this election could not be higher given the fact that we have a pathological president and a world in growing chaos. But I would very much like someone to come forward to focus strongly on vision regarding the way ahead.

Stuck in the Mud

Recent elections have made me increasingly restless and I find myself looking back in time. I was very young when World War II ended but it quickly became clear to me that we had been through terrible decades of war and depression. Suddenly a new world was opening. Survivors of war returned home, married, started families and Eisenhower, a man of substance and vision, began to build a magnificent road system for our country. We had renewal and hope for the future. 

Before long we entered a new era of struggle with a focus on civil rights and renewal. In recent decades there have been fits and starts but currently we are failing to direct our attention to what is needed for our future. We seem to be embroiled in petty squabbles. Yes, the reasons are complex but often with a petty focus. It may well be that it is we the people who are going to have to pull us out of the mud.

It’s Not Politics!!!

If we are going to reduce America’s malaise to any one thing, I would suggest we call it corruption. We used to have a much more functional Republican Party – to put it politely. And honestly I wish Democrats would focus better on an elevating view.

Above all I want to shout “It’s Not Socialism!”. When a proposal is made, those opposed often declare the proposal is socialism. Here are just a few issues.

Health Care – I spent my adult life as part of the health care system as a psychologist. I won’t go into my long book of complaints. Rather I think the fundamental issue is that our health care system is among the poorest in “advanced” nations. Whatever advanced means. It doesn’t matter if it is physical or “mental” health, everything needs a lot of work and I’m not seeing the intensity or focus needed.

Child Care – In case people have failed to notice, children are our future. Now that our economy is more complicated, women have joined the workforce and the early years require more kinds of resources to begin our children on their way. Again, this is a complicated issue but definitely has nothing to do with “socialism”.

Infrastructure – Do I really need to go into this? From roads to the power grid we need to get to work. How can anyone declare no work is necessary or that getting the job done would take us away from democracy and basic enterprise.

Jobs – Then comes this little beauty. I was thrust into working on the job arena early in my career. With the pace of technological change the job world is changing rapidly. What we know and is being ignored because of political manipulation is the fact that people can be evaluated and retrained for a variety of jobs that are going begging. Humans are complex and do not really slot into working class and professional. That guy over there shoveling dirt may well have hidden wonderful talents. 


I’ll stop with those examples. There is no need to go deeper. It is not, or should not, be a matter of politics. Dismissing these issues as related to politics is putting a knife in the back of our future. It is time to focus, evaluate, study and direct our resources. Oh yes!! And its time to address the corruption which has become rampant throughout our society.


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