Calling On Men


Posing an Opportunity

The focus has been on the movement to empower women. But there is something we’ve been missing. It might be very useful to turn toward men and ask them what they want. I’m definitely not talking about older white men because we know generally what they want. Of course there are surely some who are enlightened but we know the public wasteland which has been enduring. So, we turn to young men who are living through a new and difficult age. We might find that people have not been asking them and they would have some thoughts.

What Might We Hear?

I do understand that when you start asking questions you may be surprised by the answers and the range of answers. But, in general, my sense is that there has been far too much silence out there in man land.

The atmosphere in America of late has been stunningly uninspiring. What if we offer men the opportunity to seek a vision and open a world to them at the very moment that there is an opening for women?

An Opportunity

I’m going to refer now to the American Wasteland. What I have seen recently is a wasteland lacking in vision. Or at least that is what has been dominant and now we are in the moment when we are at great risk. Perhaps this is the moment to ask moving questions. And the word wasteland should focus attention.

As I look back over my life I see a rather rigid set of expectations for men but that has been changing. We have taken down the crucifix of rigid sexual and marital expectations. We have a growing LGBTQ community and are calling out for racial and ethnic acceptance and are experiencing a backlash especially visible in the white power movement. This may well be the moment when we need to turn to men and ask them what they might want. And how they may contribute in our hour of need.

I say “might want” because for many men they may feel they have never been asked. The pressure has been on following the established path. Why not? It has always led them to dominance. We might just raise the possibility of sharing a much magnified and diverse set of partnerships and options.

Just a Thought

But again I come back to the fact that we have a movement to empower women and we might ask men if they want a movement as well. But one thing needs to be clear. When we are talking about empowerment, we are not talking about dominance and taking on domination. We use empowerment in terms of women because too often they have been forced into relatively powerless positions. 

Empowerment can come in many forms and one of them can be to enhance partnership. It would be useful for us to broaden our thinking.

The Facts

In fact power has been in only a few hands. Of course that generally is how it works because w leadership and organizations are needed but currently there are too many aberrations and corruption. It is time to rethink. The impulse of some is to say they are fed up and to just close up and turn away. What is needed is increased attention and commitment. This crisis may be a huge opportunity if we will make it so and as part of it I would love to hear what men say if they are offered a new form of empowerment and partnership. 


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