A New Day? At Last?


Women in My Writing 

In my writing it is clear that I like women and a central theme in my Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy is the import of empowered women. 

Throughout human history women have an interesting history. There are those we love and those whom we fear. But in general women have been given a secondary place. Men rule, fight and triumph. Only do we occasionally see women who are our partners in our most violent struggles such as I have noted in the Warrior Women in the history in the Steppes of Central Asia and in the Viking struggles. These examples show us that women can join with men in different forms of struggles and partnerships. These roles are often overlooked but hint of a great richness in who we are with each other.

Now Comes a New Age

Looking back at history we see that the earliest humans are generally viewed as having the men who went out to hunt and do battle and the women remained behind to gather the fruits and to bear and raise the children. Given the nature of our earliest lives on this planet that is a realistic enough form of what we did.

But now we can experience new options. Since this new world is right out there before us we can easily observe new possibilities. Granted, women will still bear the children because there is no other option. But with richer resources they now have much more opportunities to join men in many activities. And they come with other viewpoints and orientations that enrich all of us. And so we see the opening of new types of partnership. Which is leading us into another form of struggle.

Men are not yielding their dominance and power easily and there is a certain justification to the struggle because we have much to learn and struggle will instruct us.

The Coming of Empowerment

One of the things that delight me is that I have lived in a time when the coming empowerment of women has really taken hold. The struggle has taken a long time but we see it fully taking shape. At this point we can only begin to put together the meaning and benefits. It is still far from our clear sight. But it is clear the partnerships that will grow will be diverse, important and bear glorious fruit for our future existence.

And then in my imagination I perceive the possibility of transformational possibilities. As I look around, I see women as being closer to spiritual possibilities. The difference I believe is related to our physiology and our emotional makeup.We are not universally different but there is a range and it seems to me overall that women are closer to a spiritual world. That is why in my writing I have selected women to lead us into the opening of a new set of possibilities with the universe. 

We have reached a period of renewed and dangerous struggle in human affairs and it comes just at the point where the empowerment of women is reaching a new level of strength and impact. It is possible that the timing of this empowerment may lead to a new or productive and creative era. We have a lot ahead of us but it is this element that makes me most hopeful.

I’m tired of the domination of older white men and older power hungry men in general. I see their domination has led us only into endless wars and the loss of so much potential. With what is happening now there is the possibility of ending this domination and the waste of human potential. This may be a new age and comes with all the promise of new substantive partnerships with women.


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