Turning the Tide For Men


Now that we are having a movement to empower women it is also time to examine our view of the position of men. Let’s continue to broaden our focus. 

In that interest I happened to run across an important article in Bloomberg Businessweek by Claire Suddath. It is entitled “How To Make Better Men”. My immediate reaction was to appreciate the challenge. Certainly she gets attention with the title. 

Her Opening Statement

We are focused at once with her opening statement. “The #MeToo movement is slowly eliciting change in cultural institutions that help define masculinity.” She builds from there to offering a fresh perspective.

This is a much needed perspective. 

We are making a mistake by focusing exclusively on women and their empowerment. Yes, it is time, but we cannot forget that men need attention as well. And by that I mean it is time to examine the position men are in and where it comes from. 

A Refreshingly Broad Perspective

Claire Suddath offers an important opportunity. Increasing autonomy and respect for women has permitted women to come forward. Simply looking at power is not enough. And she is correct that simply saying the issue is merely a manifestation of the male culture is not entirely useful. She points out that our whole society supports the control and suppression of women. And when we step back we see the extensive nature of the issue. It clearly goes beyond men and their presumption of power.

Facing Complexity

If we accept the need to work on the larger issues involved, we may make the mistake of stopping with power. Yes, there are entrenched matters that may be legal and relate to power but, in the end, we have to face very personal issues for men such as self concept, self esteem and our opening to common ground socially.

Broader Issues

We may be trapped into stopping with considerations of accepting women into the job market and the broader political sphere. It was a hard fight for women to get the right to vote and now, decades later, we are seeing ramifications as we face other complexities. In truth we are only at the beginning stage. We are looking at a complex reevaluation of our societies, systems and how we relate to each other.

And deep down there are fundamental issues that are rarely discussed. We have to talk about our identities, interactions, goals and self esteem. The list is actually quite long.

Just Ahead

It isn’t necessary to be truly comprehensive as we open the stage for examination of and by men. We have a marvelous beginning as we build empowerment for women. But a major initial problem is that we may fail to look beyond their empowerment. There have to be major changes for men. It is a grand opportunity for universal enhancement. And men will find there are things in their world which bind and control them.


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