Fearing Women


In the Weeks Ahead

In this age of the empowerment of women it is distressing to see the limited focus related to the issues. It should be clear that this author is clearly in support of the women’s movement. but I’m feeling the need to do more in depth exploration of matters that need to be dealt with as women become empowered.

The Threat of Women

It is impossible to look at the women’s movement without seeing the fact that it is feared. Or at least that is my perspective. Why should we fight against equality given the benefits that are offered for all of us? Once that question is asked something becomes perfectly clear. People fight the equality of other people all the time. We have class warfare, country warfare, deep prejudice against people of color and on and on. Why not against women?

In Fact

Something fundamental has changed. Among other things, women have gained control over their reproductive capacity. Or at least they are making significant gains although there is opposition there as well. Many of us are now having fewer children in a complex and changing world. These and other changes are opening doors to women having greater autonomy and possibilities.

Not So Simple

As we begin to explore the issues, the import and complexity becomes apparent. To some the complexity is reason enough to be opposed to the movement. But, in fact, in this rapidly changing world we must examine the detailing of any such changes.  The essential nature of it is apparent and the possibility of benefits are huge. But we need to understand the impact of change and what will be demanded of us.

An Essential Question 

To some of us it is apparent that women being empowered is something that is frightening to many men. Whether they want to hear it or not, it is clear that, yes, many men are afraid of empowered women. When the subject is opened, it is clear that it is not a simple matter and we are just beginning to explore what is happening and what it may mean. And when we say what it may mean we find it may mean many different things to many people. It is time to begin to explore because the consequences are rather impressive.

Why Fear?

Yes, why the fear is an essential question. First of all it will be difficult to help many men admit they are afraid. When they admit fear it may mean to them that they are admitting weakness. As soon as this component is opened other questions come cascading out along with many alternatives.

Then There is Partnership

In fact we are not just looking at empowerment or a yielding of power. We can, in fact, join together in a new glorious day. Suddenly we open further contributions and alternatives for all of us. 

The issues are complex and unexpected. Recently a study was revealed that said teens who don’t date may be less depressed. Oooops. It actually may have been unsuspected but not surprising upon examination. Beginning dating is difficult, emotionally risky and is a major learning experience.

The Bottom Line

We have substantive explorations to undertake. We may be frightened and have to deal with the unexpected but we do not have to go too deeply to see the benefits of empowerment and the acceptance of it by men can be hugely rewarding. Not the least of the benefits may be truly complex partnership. There is so much more to come and since I am among those who seek the “what if” endlessly this is a new and glorious day.


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