A Crisis Turning Point


A New and Terrible Crisis

Have we reached the crisis turning point for America? With each crisis previously it seemed we might face a major problem but the corrupt leaders in our government blocked it time and time again. Will they be able to do it again or will the American people arise.

Seeking a Focus and Direction

After the recent tragedies it is clear we have to face the issues for what they are. One of the things being proposed is that we have what is called “red flag” legislation That means we would be alerted to unstable people so there could be intervention and prevention. It is also proposed that we have improved mental health services.

Not Primarily a Mental Health Issue

We need improved mental health services but mental health is not the central issue. Psychologist Here!  What we are seeing is a country beset by racism and corruption. As to the racism, the fundamentals are social issues, not mental health issues.

Take a look at what happened to Germany in the twentieth century. Due to a variety of unfortunate errors and circumstances they were led into war and a terrible defeat in World War I. The prevailing powers failed to respond with the need to help them recover to a stable form of government. The ongoing suffering was terrible and led to the rise of Naziism. The people of Germany had been victimized and it led to even more carnage.

A Markedly Authoritarian and Unstable President

In this country we must face the reality of our circumstances and this is not a mental health crisis. Surely we need to pay attention to unstable individuals but our first view needs to be of a president who is unstable, deeply pathological and is validly described as a Narcissistic Sociopath. He is supported by corrupt people around him and in his party. The president is seeking to drive us into an authoritarian state for his own personal benefit.

Facing Social Issues and Corruption

It must be emphasized that the instability and racism we are seeing is a social phenomenon. Humans are social creatures and can be herded into this type of malfunction and we must face it for what it is. The corruption must be dealt with and we need to combat social malfunction leading to violence and racist outbursts. People need to be educated and guided as we build relationships that will lead us to a better day.

We have a lot of work to do. The Republican Party I grew up in has been replaced by a corrupt party. The fact is we need a functional two party system. At present we are down to one. The work ahead will be difficult but must be done. With an unstable America the world is in jeopardy.


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