A Time for Commitment – Happy 2020


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Gaia’s Majesty-Transformation: Life Forces Revealed

(Book 3 of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy)

The child of prophesy is coming of age.

Earth has descended into almost biblical chaos.

        Then comes an opening to a future never anticipated.

The World Stage

The setting of the world stage has changed dramatically in the last few years. For a time it looked ever so hopeful. The European Union seemed to be going well, the Middle East was showing signs of marked increases in stability and on and on. 

What Happened?

It felt like almost over night it shifted with great changes that were not auspicious. At the forefront is what has happened to America. Trump’s election was stunning. It seems even he didn’t expect it. And now we have a stable bunch of his supporters who hover around 40%. That was also not expected. They seem to love the drama he creates and other things even less gracious.

I’m Going To Say It Anyway 

Many people would probably tell me that I should stay away from this stage as it is. But my life has been such that I have been deeply engaged in large pictures and small that shape our futures. It began with that victory parade on Fifth Ave. at the end of World War II that I mentioned. It has never been possible for me to turn away or ignore what was developing.

I come from a Republican family and on the night of the election in 1952 we sat up late and cheered the election of our hero Dwight Eisenhower. We fully expected the vision and talent would stay with us. I never expected to see this Republican Party and the fact of Trump’s endangerment of the wonder that has been America.

Have We Lost All Vision?

The history of our country has been powerful. Our future was endangered with the Civil War but we worked our way to a conclusion. And although we were reticent, we entered the world stage with the advent of World War I. The ignorance and prejudice which we see now is heartbreaking and, given our import to the world, we have to wonder what will be coming. Dictators and autocrats are being idolized and facilitated by our maximum leader.

The Future

We can still take back the beautiful future we have seen and can resume a capable leadership function in the world. But everything hinges on the next election. If we fail ourselves and the world the consequences will be dire. So much hinges on the turnout of our electorate. 

It is unfortunate how low our voter turnout has been in recent decades. Too much has been taken for granted. The lack of vision and functional commitment of so many in our electorate is unexpected and stunning.

We have to face the corruption and bias so prevalent now. At my advancing age I can’t turn away. Yes, it is the future of our country but will directly deeply affect my children and grandchildren. 

Coming Commentary

At times my vision is now dark but I will not turn away from the light. Our vision must be restored and there are many key areas I have experienced first hand. I will be specifically focused on what I have experienced and how it relates to what is happening to us now. We must bring the corruption and narrow-mindedness to heel. Each and every one of us must stand up, commit and vote for a constructive future.

P.S. The pictures of a flooded Venice made me angry. A world jewel is being lost and, although it is a vulnerable city, the commitment and planning that could have prevented this has been lacking. It hurts to see Venice being abandoned.


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