The Tragic Loss of Conservatism


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The Tragic Loss of Conservatism

It Is a Loss

I recall a time past when there were proud people of substantial values who held forth with the values of constructive conservatism. Yes, I used the word constructive. These were people to be admired because they contributed to stability, depth of commitment and the productive exchange of ideas in a world facing inevitable change.

In Opposition

The family I grew up in was firmly Republican. Late in the evening of the election of 1952 we sat up and cheered at the election of our hero Dwight Eisenhower. He had led us through the ruinous war against Naziism. His value of our country was firm and he stood before us in triumph and vision. He was the person who brought us the interstate highway system among other benefits.

Through it all he stood firmly for traditional values and against reckless change. As such he was a hero and benefactor.

My World Changed

In time my experiences in my life led me to embrace other viewpoints. My family was privileged and we toured the world beginning shortly after the end of World War II. It was breathtaking. I found myself over time seeking novelty and diversity. My brother went to Princeton and I went to the University of Michigan. It was time to head out further into our country. From there I went to North Carolina which was emerging from its racist and revolutionary past. Just one hundred years after the Civil War. It was a stunning lesson. From there I went to work in inner city poverty in Baltimore. Nothing could remain the same and I had to examine values and the future. I brought the experience of each corner with me. I never lost my rich past but turned to support progressive positions.

Two Definitions of Conservatism

Now let me turn to the world of conservatism. I found two definitions.

Commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation.

The holding of political views that favor free enterprise, private ownership, and socially conservative ideas.

Who can be opposed to supporting traditional values in most instances. Exceptions are found of course as in the case of when racism is a traditional value in the culture. But generally stability is something to support. And in the second definition it is obvious that we support free enterprise and private ownership. It is when we come to socially conservative ideas that we may run into conflict.

In Progressive Ideology

In general, at least for me the issue is not in the ideology. It is a matter of how we take it forward and whether it is ill planned and ill considered. On the streets in the sixties and its time of revolution there were many things worthy of advancement. Among them was racial equality and the advent of the empowerment of women.

There were times when I found myself working against the radicals in the “progressive” mix. Change was clearly essential, but not necessarily revolution.

What Was to Come

It is not a clear and simple world out there. We fought our battles decade after decade and it was challenging. Change brought stunning openings of possibilities along with undesirable revelations. In the next post I’ll dig a little deeper into what I saw and where it has led us.


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