A New day – A World to Imagine


My View of Life has Changed

In February I suspended publishing my posts noting a family health crisis. At the time I had no idea what was to come. At Christmas my wife, Mala, seemed healthy but then complained about abdominal pain. Surgery on Jan 11th. revealed a gall bladder infection. It subsequently proved to be a rare form of aggressive cancer and she died on March 2nd. Our glorious 45 years together had come to an end. In later posts I will address the impact and experience of her death. It was not a simple event.

A Cusp With a Portent

When I started this blog I indicated I believed we live on the cusp of what we call reality. Over time it is clear that people experience different realities and often we sense something beyond what we call reality.

Our country and our world has changed. The way our government is functioning and the people who dominate it do not display the responsibility we had come to expect in our Democracy. We face not only a pandemic but we are seeing great corruption in our national leadership and the failure of our government to respond to the pandemic in a responsible fashion. The question is where we are being led or what future we will seize.

Something Is Emerging

The effect of the pandemic and the rampant corruption we our seeing in our government indicate we will not go back to “business as usual”. Rather it seems likely we will see a transformation. It is yet to be defined. The transformation may well be disastrous or we may see our country reborn into a grander and more fulfilling future. In this blog I will expand the exploration not just about where we are now but also to a broader view of what may be if we expand our vision.

Another Focus

Many of our current crises are clearly in the reality field. But if one jumps from solid reality there are other forces and possibilities. I have become impressed with the spirit worlds that seem to hover near and the possibility that those worlds may contribute strongly to our transformative future if we reach out.

Returning To The Moment

For the moment let me return to present reality. And I must make a statement that is not political, but rather clinical. I am a clinical psychologist with a Ph.D. from Duke University and have had decades of experience. I was stunned and pleased when the book by Trump’s niece came out. She is also a clinical psychologist and we agree on the diagnosis of him as a narcissistic sociopath who is unstable. His focus on himself leads him away from the needs of our country.

And even worse, many of our citizenry seems unwilling to face the devastation of our future that can come not just from a pandemic but from failures of our government. The problems extend beyond the White House to many of our political leaders. But it is important to remember that we may also be facing a grand fulfilling opportunity that we the people of this country may direct.

Our communication needs to be broad ranging and it is important that we understand we are now looking at not just a national crisis but also an unparalleled opportunity. The possibilities lie before us and we can form a very rich and rewarding future or lose the grand vision of America. 

Our problems are numerous and include the fact that we have a substantial gig workforce. We say we have an unemployment rate just above eight percent but reality is otherwise. A gig workforce includes people who are without an ongoing and stable employer. The gig workers face short term and multiple forms of employment. At the same time tragic events have mobilized the black and brown communities to make demands that are wholly justified. White men have dominated this country from its beginning. That must change and we have unparalleled wonderful opportunities that can grow out of these crises. I will be addressing much that is related in future posts and also will not forget the crucial empowerment of women.

Conservatives and Progressives Together

It is my view that for decades now we have been inadequately attentive to the needs of our country. A major contributor to this inattention has been a conservative movement that has become dismissive of their responsibility. 

To be clear, I have a high regard for true conservatives. I consider myself to be a progressive and believe that progressives and conservatives working together form an important source of benefit. It is inappropriate for conservatives to simply hold onto the past as if it were stone and it is inappropriate for progressives to simply hurl themselves into the future. Together we form an essential balance as we consult and negotiate together.

It is time for us to reach out to each other with respect and openness to diverse views and values. Yes, there may be a dark future but we may also direct it to the benefit of us all. We must come together with respect and seize a grand moment for transformation that just may lie before us.

For This Moment Though

Before I move on to other specifics I will first in next posts address the events related to the death of my beloved wife and the spirit world I experienced.

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