Time to Reopen

It is time to reopen the blog  The Cusp of Reality. My plan is to have new and updated blog posts available each Monday.

As of now the third book of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy is available for purchase from Amazon.com along with the rest of the trilogy.  Itis called Gaia’s Majesty  Transformation.  As I’ve said, it is a unique trilogy blending mythology with women taking their rightful place in the world.  Which refers to their empowerment. And it is about time!



Just over two years ago my beloved wife died suddenly of a rare and aggressive form of cancer.  Abruptly our 45 glorious years together came to an end but not my dedication to her.  The shock and the necessary changes to be made to my life meant I needed to close the CUSP OF RELITY BLOG for a time.  It is time to resume my devotion to women in my writing although my commitment never ended. But my life experience and world events are demanding a change in the foci.

It is impossible to ignore what has transpired in our beloved America and events in the world  seem to be accelerating.  The question, as always, is  where events will lead us. Many of us had hoped after two world wars we might find our way forward with more composure and dedication for each other. We now must see if Russia and Vladimir Putin  will drive into a third world war.  The time before us poses the possibility of magnificent change or crushing disaster.


An essential focus for me remains the empowerment of women.  The movement has been a long time in coming and is now meeting direct and fundamental opposition which I find not only counterproductive but tasteless as well.  We have been subjugating half of human lives and infringing upon the joy they may contribute as well as their essential perspective and an array of their essential perspective and an array of essential talents.


At the same time I need to be clear that I believe a simple acceptance of the empowerment of men is not enough. Men need to reevaluate themselves.  If we just step back and take a fresh look, we see what we should be clear about.  Men are bigger in size than women and tend  to become more aggressive. Surprise! But there is a great deal of space for men to revise their contributions.


In contrast, women bring not just children but an enterprising and creative focus and motivation. Their contributions clearly outdistance their size and aggressiveness. Their contributions infuse all parts of societies in ways often not apparent. The richness and the diversity of their contributions and so much more must not be overlooked as we empower them.

But it is essential for us to take another look at ourselves. Certainly in our dedication in the past we found an essential defense in world conflicts. A world of conflicts continues but it is time to attend to human culture along specific lines.  Certainly attending to outside threat and power may be essential. But a devotion to power and individual pathology itself with inattention to the need of our societies is not acceptable.

How men need to become cannot be stated in simple terms because it relates to how we are culturalogically and physiologically. This will take some evaluation and study but we have the capacity to deal with it if we will devote ourselves to dealing with it.


Among other things, it seems we may be facing transformation of human societies at another level in the world and in Americas.  This may be a frightening time or glorious. Let’s see what happens and let’s develop our own views and thoughts.  While I understand the danger the future may hold, we must look forward to the challenges and the creative options they may bring.







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