Empowerment of Women

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Empowerment of Women

I could not resist choosing to open with the picture above.  The women nailed me. Particularly the woman on the left. Think your own thoughts about the statement she might be making.  (I saw,  “You think you have me?  Think again!”)

Answers and Commitments

As you should have noted by now, I am strongly committed to the movement to empower women.  I can’t think of a single valid reason not to have them empowered.

The national commitment seems to be growing although we have a long, long way to go. But as a psychologist I find myself intrigued by the fact that this is even an issue.  We might consider equality to be at the top of the list of leading issues.


It is time to reevaluate the roles of women and our needs collectively.  In the time before effective birth control the lives of women were dominated by the numbers of children needing her care.  The man was generally out hunting or working on the farm or earning a salary.  I understand about cultural flow and it takes a long time to overcome such a history.  Effectively planning a family is a fairly recent endeavor.

The New Reality

But now women can have control over their fertility.  (Mostly, if men don’t put up too many barriers of all kinds.)  Many men seek to continue to have women under their control and responsive to their desires and wishes without asking for consultation.

While the restraint of women is being reconsidered, mountain of prejudice and opposition remain.  I hear about the benefits empowering women but really don’t hear enough honest discussions among men regarding their dedication to continued restraint.  Sometimes I wonder how many have introspected enough together to even understand about themselves and their relationships.  Or for some they may not want to understand.  There are those who simply relish power and feel more worthwhile if they can brandish it.

The Bottom Line

I wish I knew the bottom line but doubt there is even a clear or simple bottom line.  My suspicion is that we’re simply dealing with a number of issues. Failing to support women coming to the forefront is unreasonable and, as I said there are surely men who don’t want women empowered.

Tradition may be an issue but  I doubt that it is the primary cause. I’d like to see an in depth study of the issues which I have not seen.  Honestly, I believe there are many levels of threat and defense of personal power and rules for men that are major problems. It is less challenging for them if women have no power.  That means in the work place it helps to cull the competition.  And, of course, there is the power issue for men at home.  It is easier for him to experience power if he rules.

Overall though, my sense is that many men do not even want to deal with or imagine the issue of women being empowered.  Insight cannot be clarified if self examination is not sought.

In society it is often essential to simply make the examination of the issue essentially  avoidable. Like it or not we would all benefit if we brought women to equality of power.  Why not make sure the full potential of all of our people is recognized and utilized so we enhance and recognize the future of all?

Another Level

Now I’m going to impair my credibility more at least for those who are firmly entrenched in what we call reality.

As I’ve noted, when I began to write my Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy I feel like I ran off the road of my outline into mythology and deeply entrenched issues.  One of the things that came  to the fore was what is called the Mysterium. I shortened it to Mysterium from Mysterium Tremendum in my books.  It is something fascinating before which humanity trembles.  I saw it as the draw a woman has over a man.  It is power of captivation and deep commitment often involving her sexuality.  Thus it is an engaging draw but also a deep threat because it may feel that there are times when he loses power.  It can be seen clearly in sex.  He is drawn to her but then with orgasm he experiences a loss of energy and power.  Some men may be uncomfortable with the loss while others are drawn more importantly to the intimacy of love and mutual comfort.

Mastering the Challenge

Such issues are very hard to clarify within each person but I suspect much of the problem with the empowerment of women is that they are in at least one way, highly powered and, therefore, a threat especially to some men.  But there may be many other subtle dream ending factors.

We, indeed, need to search our souls and inner  worlds for  how to master conflicts.  Our future can be markedly enhanced, be more complex and more fulfilling.

I don’t expect a solution anytime soon.  We are going to have to demand equality of all kinds at all levels and learn to treat each other in specific ways depending upon our situation and the relationship.  Does that sound demanding and difficult? It is, but it is also what must come with the maturing of humankind.

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