Who Are Men To Become?













Men Must Face An Identity Crisis

Many men will see the question and the statement as posing an unwanted  challenge.  Presently the challenge all of us are facing relates to the pandemic and behind it is a potentially devastating confrontation with Russia over the Ukraine.  Both of them are demanding enough but we must not forget that we need a plan for the inevitable future before us.  The pandemic will subside at some point and then we will be challenged by issues of such things as the environment and emerging crises in Europe – and the future of men.

Closer to home there is a long range set of issues requiring our attention as we try to work to mature as a society.  Women are steadily pressing the matter of their entitlement and form of equality.  We would be foolish to see that as implying we only need to face their challenge.  It is time for us to face the fact that their identity, and that means who they will be, is very much up for challenge. It is time for this to be put on the table.  The future of humankind is moving  toward major change and passivity is not the proper choice for response.

Men Must Ask Themselves Who They Are To Become

Of course there are many men who see things as fine just as they are but want more or something else.

For example, the Trump administration wishes to hide from truth and attempts to hide their exercise of power. Now it is coming out how they have been endeavoring to overthrow our democratic system as they seek exclusive power. This is probably our most recent and blatant example of men seeking power.

Many years ago when I was in my twenties I was forced to attend to the arrogance and devotion to power of older white men. What I saw has not faded but been magnified and enhanced over time. And now that I am an older white man who happens to be committed to the empowerment of women, I believe it is time for all men to understand that there must be an assessment by men of who they are now and how they must become in this rapidly changing world in which women will inevitably be more empowered.  And empowering women does not mean they will assume the arrogance of older white men.  We have a growing partnership built on our differences and the wonder of partnership. And at all levels the young bring invaluable contributions.

Challenge As Opportunity

It is not a matter of men merely facing themselves. It is a matter of facing opportunity as well. Yes, women bear the children and that fact will not change. And as such they will spend good time relating to that little creature they grow within them. But in relating to men they bring other attributes,  And now men are not spending all their time hunting and we hope not spending so much time leading the charge into war although the recent attack on the capital must be attended to as a future possibility that may be repeated.

The Beginning Point

In some ways, raising the issue about men examining themselves and responding to the empowerment of women is only a small part of what lies before us. It can’t all be dealt with in one post. This pandemic will leave us with changes we had not expected nor had we been planning for.

We can see the beginning of changes that lie before us now and they will be clarifying shortly. But the changes in the ruling of men is something we should not lose sight of. If anything, I do not see much of a beginning for the search for who and what men will become.

Just Ahead

Forces in our culture and recent unexpected events are pushing us forward.  Among the issues I want  to see an end to is the arrogant insistence on power of the older white men. It is not just white people who have held power. Primarily it has been white men.  A richer culture of greater racial and sexual diversity is now before us. And my wish is that men will make a large commitment to examine and engage the changes that must come. Especially in themselves.

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