The Lights of Paris

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The Lights of Paris

It is important to be gracious to others when they face crises or unexpected losses. My wife and I were grateful for support and understanding when we had our setbacks, but, of course, when it was our crisis or our misfortune we had to face ourselves and move ahead.  The question often is how the crisis will end and how can the darkness end as we work to turn the lights of Paris back on.

Over time we had faced multiple challenges. After ending our prior marriages with divorces and entering the demands of bringing together our  four children from those two marriages, we began our new lives together helping them with their grief. Then we began our own reorientation. My wife entered her new life by joining the world of crafts.  Her talent in working to create jewelry was joyous for me to see.  I departed from my position as the head of a community mental health center in the inner city of Baltimore to open a private practice. The lights of Paris came on for both of us.

Our love was essential and at last we saw beautiful and more stable days ahead,  As stressful as our lives had become, it was to become markedly worse when a drunken physician drove into the driver’s door of my car at high speed and sent me into five and a half years in and out of Shock Trauma for major surgeries.  But in the end my wife and I had to each find a way to turn on the lights of Paris again ourselves.

Unjustified travesties often yield unpredictable choices. With me often disabled between surgeries, my wife went and gained her social work degree and joined me in practice.  But then eventually we closed the practice and, since our children were grown, we took ourselves off to an adventure in the Caribbean island of St Lucia.  Well, it was supposed to be a vacation, but eventually we built a villa on a small mountain top in St. Lucia. It rented well for vacationers and then something else we hadn’t anticipated happened. Our renters left asking, “Where can you send us for our vacation next year?”

We had thought they would often come back each year to our villa but it was not to be.  So, then it was time to get acquainted with the Caribbean as a whole and we began a grand tour.  The islands were often quite different which was delightful.

We found suitable properties to rent on many islands.  Then came Martinique and the more than a little hospitable French.  We developed some fast friends.  Without a plan we had started a new life.  Although it was the Caribbean, it was as if the lights of Paris were on again, causing our lives to glitter.



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