Concerning Spirits

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Concerning  Spirits – Part 1


To put it mildly there are few who will deny the existence of reality although they may disagree what it comprises or how it is.  The existence of spirits is another matter entirely.  Some are inclined to dismiss the existence of such beings, others grudgingly accept the possibility of their existence of such beings, others grudgingly accept the possibility of their existence and still others are firm believers.

For much of my life I considered spirits to be a matter of consideration and debate.  But then there came a time of revelation which moved me into the camp of the believers.

A Sudden Appearance

After I received my doctorate from Duke University my wife and I moved to the Baltimore area.  She wanted a horse and so we began to look for a house to buy in northern Maryland.  First we had to rent a house in the country while we looked.  We found a lovely old farmhouse in a spacious valley. All was calm  until the fall.

The house had four levels with the top one being an attic. The door to it had a hasp with a piece of wood wedged in securing it.  One day I noticed that the piece of wood was on the floor and the door slightly ajar.  I went up and secured it.  A few days later I saw it was again unsecured and again secured it.

In The Evenings

And then there came an evening when we were watching television and at once we both felt a presence.  It felt like it was in the hallway and we tried to dismiss the feeling.  After it happened more and more often I wrote out questions for each of us to answer independently. Our responses matched perfectly.

We felt there was a man coming down the stairs from the attic, past the living room and entering a small room at the end of the hall.  We paid attention to the hallway in the evening and from time to time we could perceive a shadowy figure.  At the same time our sleeping dogs would sit up and go on alert.

From the Owner

Finally I framed some general questions and spoke with our landlady. It turned out that the rental history was markedly uneven.  Some renters loved the house just as we did. Some others fled in panic  Some of them spoke of a ghostly man in the house.  The owner said long ago a man who had loved his house had died there.  From the story he seemed to have declined to leave.  If you loved the house he welcomed you, but might create another atmosphere if you were not favorable. He did not want you there.


It felt to us that there was indeed a spirit in the house. The door to the attic and its latch could not be explained.  Our vision, the marked attention of our dogs and the history of the renters all supported the idea that the former owner’s spirit was active in the house.  In fact, we felt no threat but a sense of welcoming. It was an opening for me to another world.

In our next house there was an even grander opening to that world.


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