Concerning Spirits – Part 2

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Concerning Spirits – Part 2

A Valley of Spirits

     Our search for a home to buy continued and at last we came to a valley that utterly enchanted me.  Initially it was simply because I loved the feeling of the river valley.  At the end of the yard ran a charming small river and we were surrounded by lush hills.

     When we first came to view it we had not made an appointment and simply entered the property.  We stopped and looked down the drive then drove down a side drive toward the barn.  The property seemed perfect for the horse my wife wanted but she did not have the same feeling about the atmosphere.  I did not care what the house was like.  I loved that valley.  It felt warm and cozy.  And when we were able to make a scheduled visit to the house my love deepened.  There was a two hundred year old stone antique.  It needed some work but it was impossible for me not to love it.  The feelings could not be described easily but were warmly welcoming.  There was no drama, just a soft coziness.  In my view it was to be the very special home we had sought.

The Setting

      The house had been built by one of the earliest settler families in the Pennsylvania area.   It was situated on what had been the original road from Baltimore, Maryland to York,  Pennsylvania.  Decades before the road had been moved but the original road could still be seen coming down the hill on the other side of the valley. It ran to the foundation of a former covered bridge.  The road could also still be perceived in our lawn and ran up a hill on our side of the valley.

      The house itself was calm.  We experienced none of the drama we had experienced in  the other house.  The outside was another matter entirely.

An Opening

     Evenings were lovely.  There was little noise from the highway and often there was a mist that generated a feeling of enchantment.  I often went out on the porch in the evening.  In time I began to see movement and finally from time to time I saw the shadowy form of horse drawn conveyances.  Some carriages stopped in front of the house as if dropping someone off.  But, again, there was no drama or fear.  It simply felt like the spirits of the past were still with us.

     And one morning when I got up I went out on an upstairs porch and looked toward the river.

Near the foundation of the bridge stood a man in what looked like a union uniform from the Civil War.  Shortly he faded.  Several more times I saw him. There was no hint of meaning.  Just an appearance.

A Living Valley

     I can’t see it any other way but that the valley was alive with spirits from its past.  There  was nothing in the area to disturb its longstanding environment.

     And then one night I felt a summons.  Behind the house was a small hill with the house cozied up to it.  The hill was lovely with trees and flowering bushes.  But generally there was nothing to lead me to spend time up there even as pretty and peaceful as it  was.

     That night, as the light faded, I felt drawn to walk up the hill.  Early in my life I had had a fear of the dark which had not faded much. The hill would have been dark shortly but I went anyway.  At the top I turned and walked into an area I had never visited.  I sat down and could dimly perceive a very large dark seated figure.  We said nothing to each other and I sat calmly for some time until the darkness had gathered and I felt it was time for me to return to the house.  I did not feel dismissed but felt a strange sense of completion and calm I could not explain.  In the days ahead it became clear to me that my fear of the dark had disappear.  I had to assume the spirit I had perceived had given me the gift of the release from the fear of darkness.

Through The Years

     The house and its valley always gave me a sense of beauty and there was the feeling of its spirited life of all kinds.  Why I was drawn there and what it represented never was clarified for me.  I was just grateful for the experiences.  It made me a firm believer in spirit worlds and I understand our biological lives do not demand us to be conversant with spirits or their worlds.  But now I have the feeling that we are biologically focused on a given form of reality but we are surrounded by a richness of spirits and alternative worlds we simply cannot perceive most of the time.  Perhaps when I move on from this life I will join another such world.



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