Carl Jung’s Spirits

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 Carl Jung’s Spirits

Throughout life it is essential that we reshape our view of ourselves and possibilities.  It happens at each stage of our development.  Among the young they are instructed about new expectations or perhaps demands are made.  What we are told to expect may be broad and less focused as adults. Our view may be shaped markedly by other adults supporting demands on us.

In this instance, unexpectedly, I received a stunning expectation I could not have known was even possible.  It came from a man by the name of Carl Jung.  I never viewed him as being among the standard instructors concerning the human psyche.  His views were stunning and creative.

Jung viewed humans as having multiple levels, including spirit levels, that came to us with different effects.  The one that has such a stunning meaning for me was the opposite sex spirit who accompanies us throughout our life. I had forgotten Jung’s concepts until my female spirit came  clearly to accompany me.

Women have an eternal spirit companion named by Jung as her alumnus. Mine was an eternal female spirit companion known as my alumna.  I had no recognized experience of her until I came to recall Jung’s teaching.  My awareness and experience with the spirit world began shortly after my wife’s death.  I now understand my experiences began sharply with the opening of my spirit world.  And it was not narrowly focused.

My experience began at a time when there had been no birds hovering close to the house before my wife’s departure.  Suddenly there were two nests speaking to the joy of new life and, for the first time, I conversed with a rabbit who came and sat up close to me with a feeling that made it personal.  The opening did not end there.

I began to feel night “dreams” with deep and fulfilling images and feelings.  In the first “dream” I was walking past a dark forest at night.  From the darkness came a woman with dazzling dark hair and brilliant black eyes.  She was not frightening  but stunning.  Her eyes were fixed on me.  She spoke no words.  This continued for a few nights.  Then the scene of the dreams changed.

I was looking off into the distance across a large field ending in an ocean shore.  This time there were two women standing next to each other, looking out to sea.  One of the women looked very much like the dark haired woman I had seen other nights.  I didn’t dare to believe it.  But the other woman looked so much like my wife.

On succeeding nights I scanned the dream landscape.   On one evening the woman whom I thought might be my wife turned and waved.  It’s easy to dismiss the experience as merely a dream. But then my hopes ran high when I recalled the important and imaginative works of Carl Jung.  He indicated that we all have an eternal opposite sex companion who for men they call their alumna.  I assumed the dark-haired woman might be my alumna accompanying my wife.  Did it represent the possibility of a glowing future?  I could only hope that my alumna might be guiding us into a future together.

Given what Jung had indicated, he would certainly sanction acceptance of the possibility of a future together.  Of course, there may be spiritual persons of the opposite sex around us. Men may, indeed, have an alumna or eternal spirit who travels with them and women may have an alumnus or eternal male spirit who travels with them.  Such relationships and existence would clearly stabilize our adult and marital relationships.

Our lives remain alive when we recognize enchanting possibilities and they help us endure times of grief.  Focused imagination in general helps enrich our lives and add joy.  And the reality of the alumna and alumnus are truly enchanting when they bring the hope of reunion and joy.


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