The Potential For World War III

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Vladimir Putin and World War III

I have been watching the news every day expecting at least a mention of the possibility of World War III.  I won’t say I’m disappointed. I’m surprised at the lack of speculation.

I watch Vladimir Putin with horror. This man is clearly devoted to his own aggrandizement.  I was young at the end of the Hitler era and in many ways see similar potential.  My maiden aunts took me to Fifth Avenue to watch the parade of celebration at the end of World War II.  As grand as that was, I  don’t want to see another one.

In horror now I watch the decimation of the Ukraine and its people.   Evidently Putin stole tens of thousand of tons of grain and our news programs show the terrible damage done to this country of innocent people.

I think I know why our leaders don’t talk about the possibility of a brutal escalation. They want nothing to do to invite an escalation.  Certain avenues of expression might invite a devastating escalation of terrible proportions because a man like Putin, believe it or not, can be fragile.

Putin stands in marked contrast to another powerful Russian i came to know personally.  It was in the halls of Duke University where we were introduced.

His name was Nicholai Khokhlov. I was a little more than surprised that he had, until recently born the head of Russian Intelligence for Central Europe  This gentle and delightful man had finally decided he wanted no longer to pursue his career in intelligence.  He contacted American Intelligence and made arrangements for his departure and for his wife and children.

We made arrangements for him but  we did not fulfill our promises for his family and the Russians took them.

Vladimir was poisoned but survived.  I have to say I was  so happy to meet this gracious and forthcoming gentleman.  I saw him as dedicated but he was anything but a blooming egotist like Putin. It is Putin who is guiding Russia but not in behalf of the people.  So far we do not have World War III and I hope it is not brought up in the news because it might encourage action on the part of an egotist with no values that would serve his own people.

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